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Which edible oils are best suited for weight loss?

Choosing foods can often be a difficult thing for obese people who are trying to lose excess body weight. They find it hard to decide which food they should consume and discard. The prevalent myths and wrong concepts about obesity treatment and suitable foods only make their situations worse. What many of them find baffling is what kind of oil they should use for cooking foods. While baked and grilled foods are best suited for obese lot, at times you need to use oil for cooking specific dishes. There are various cooking oils available in market and obese persons need to get their facts clear on weight loss benefits and drawbacks of majority of cooking oils.

Weight loss aspirants can use olive oil for making various delicious yet low fat dishes. It is a staple ingredient in much discussed Mediterranean diet which is ideal for losing excess body mass. It has a rich and pleasing aroma which makes the foods dipped and cooked in it taste even better. While almost all cooking oil contains some amount of fat, you will be happy to know that olive oil comes with healthy fats which are required by your body. It offers your body monounsaturated fat which in turn helps lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels in body.

You will benefit from using extra virgin olive oil for your meals. It has proven antioxidant properties which are required for fighting free radicals and staying fit. Recent scientific studies indicate that consuming olive oil can lower chances of cardiac ailments and several fatal diseases to an extent. You can use olive oil with sandwiches and a number of salads. It states quite good with spinach salad. Overall, olive oil offers you much more than just weight loss advantages.

Sunflower oil is often said to be beneficial for obese people but in reality you need to use it carefully to cook foods.  It is quite calorie rich and so you need to monitor the amount of oil you use for cooking dishes. It does contain PUFAs but these are mostly omega 6 fatty acids. Depending on the processing and manufacturing process, the sunflower oil you get at stores may be devoid of some nutritional benefits. It can actually increase chances of weight gain when used in large amounts.

If you want to be on safe side while adhering to a weight loss regime, you can also try coconut oil or cooking. This may not be a norm in Europe and USA but in a number of Asian countries, this oil is used for making dishes. One benefit of using coconut oil is that it remains stable even at high temperatures. Coconut oil also comes without tarns fat that is a part and parcel of many commercially sold edible oils. Besides, this oil contains fats that are not stored in the body unlike unhealthy fats. It can be used to cook various kinds of curries and other yummy dishes. If you do not have much idea on coconut oil cooking, the web can come to your help.

It is true that selecting suitable cooking oil for making dashes wild help in your weight loss objective. However, as most diet experts point out, you may need more than special foods to lose excess fat from waistline. It may be worthwhile to give new weight loss plans a try that enjoy backing of medical community. Hormone driven weight loss therapies have many takers and may obese men and women swear by their advantages. You can seek HCG based weight loss solutions to put an end to your obesity woes.

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