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Ways to select low calorie vegetables and fruits for obese people

No matter how many methods to combat obesity are there, this menace continues to haunt a large part of human population all over world. Not all weight loss diets work for every obese person. Similarly, a lot of them do not find enough time to hit gym or do workout owing to health reasons. There are a number of obesity pills available in market but they also come with risk of side effects. However, you can always try including low calorie foods that can help to shed excess weight without adverse effects. Nothing beats fresh vegetables and fruits in this regard. However, you need to know what kind of fruits and vegetables fit your bill the best for effective and consistent weight loss.

Choosing green and leafy vegetables-There are various types of vegetables that are low in fat and rich in nutrition quotient. However, choosing the green vegetables is always a safer bet. You can eat plenty of lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, spinach and celery, to begin with. Of course, you can combine these with colored vegetables like carrot and beat.

Refrain from eating starch heavy vegetables– Some vegetables that contain a high amount of starch tend to contain more calories. Potatoes, pea and corn fall in this category. Starch rich vegetables contain almost double or triple the amount of calories compared to vegetables that have less starch in them.

Prepare vegetable dishes healthy way– To ensure that you keep your daily calorie intake within limit, it is important that you prepare vegetable dishes with right ingredients and use right methods to cook them. You should avoid using lots of oil and butter for cooking vegetable dishes. It is better to have them grilled or lightly sautéed. Some vegetables like cucumber can also be eaten raw. You also need to be careful while making vegetable salads. They are good for you as long as you do not load them with fat laden condiments. You can use herbs and spices like ginger, chilly and black pepper with vegetable dishes to enhance the taste without adding much calorie.

Fresh and organic fruits– You also need to consume lots of fresh and low calorie fruits to shed excess weight. Fresh fruits contain fewer calories compared to dried counterparts. Fresh fruits are also juicy and contain water. Eating them helps you staying full for a longer period. You can have canned fruits at times, but ensure they are not soaked in sweet syrups and preservatives. Mandarin oranges, for example are sold in cans filed with light syrup which nearly doubles their calorie quotient.

Avoiding high calorie fruits-Some fruits may be rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals.  You should limit eating these foods to avoiding in taking more calories than desired. For example, you should eat avocadoes and pineapples in moderation. Instead, try to eat fruits that are naturally sweet and contains plenty of water like watermelon and cantaloupe. You can use fruits with vegetables to bring variety in salads.

Eating low fat and nutrient rich vegetables and fruits can help you n losing excess weight. However, to get long term relief from obesity, you clearly need to put in more efforts than changing your food. You should think of trying fully fledged and medically tested weight loss regimes. There are instances of several obese women and men obtaining benefit from hormone based weight loss programs. You can get in touch with veteran doctors and health experts to learn your feasibility for HCG based weight loss plans. These weight loss programs have brought benefit to many obese people and you can be one of them too.

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