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Using various types of gourds to shed excess weight

Losing weight becomes a major concern for almost all obese individuals as obesity can lead to lots of health problems and create mental issues as well. Obese people are often faced with threats of fatal ailments and they also suffer from complexes owing to their appearance. However, their efforts at losing excess weight do not always meet with success. Not everyone has the time to hit gyms or spend hours in working out because of their hectic work schedule. Even those weight loss diets may not work wonders for every fat man or woman. Besides, they may trigger adverse effects on your health.

Health and diet experts suggest that you should include plenty of fresh produce and fruits in your diet to bid adieu to excess body weight. While there are a number of vegetables you can use in your weight loss diet, you can try various types of gourds. They are easy to acquire and can be used to make various interesting dishes with fewer calories and fat quotients. You need to use fresh and organic gourd variants to obtain maximum weight loss benefits though. Using processed vegetables will not aid your weight loss endeavors much. If necessary, you can look up the web to find yummy dishes that can be made using this vegetable.

Bottle guard which is called as Calabash is grown mostly in tropical nations. It is low in calorie which is good for weight loss aspirants for sure. It contains even fewer amounts of carbohydrate, which is another plus for obese persons. Eating bottle gourds will not equip your body with fat but you will get some essential nutrients. It is a rich source of calcium.

Another variant of gourd that you can consider including in your weight loss diet is bitter gourd. It is used a lot in Asian countries but with time they are making inroads into other countries. Raw bitter gourds offer you with only 15/16 calories per a cup. It also has dietary fiber and plenty of water, which is helpful for weight loss. They can be used in soups and broths and can also be used as side dishes in your meals. You can consider using bitter gourd dishes with other foods with high calorie content to balance your overall calorie intake. It is also a good source of vitamin C and A.

Ridge gourds can also be included in your weight loss diet. This vegetable looks somewhat like a zucchini and it is also low in calorie and fat value. It is also fiber rich and thus suitable for weight loss aspirants. Their mild flavor and texture makes them suitable for use in various dishes. No matter which type of gourd you use in weight loss diets, ensure they are cooked without much oil. This will ensure that you get them with most of nutritional value intact. It would be a good idea to make gourd dishes with light frying or grilling for this purpose. Avoid deep frying them or using excess butter and oils with Trans-fat.

Using low fat and fiber rich vegetables like gourds can help you in keeping calorie count low and losing weight. However, you need to keep in mind that eating a single food alone is not going to help much in your weight loss mission. In fact, you need to do more than making some changes in your diet to aid your weight loss endeavor. Opt for proven medical weight loss plans in this regard. You can try to find out whether HCG based weight loss plans are suited for your needs or not.

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