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Testosterone injection may treat male obesity, indicates new study

Obese individuals go to any length to attain a slimmer figure. While trying special diets and working out are commonplace, newer studies on obesity fighting focus on using natural ingredients and extracts. The latest sensation doing thro und is approval of FDA give to two weight loss pills. However, in another development, well known male reproductive hormone testosterone has been highlighted for its obesity fighting attributes. A new medical study that is making waves in the industry, suggests that obese men can benefit from taking testosterone injections in required amount.

Dr Farid Saad, the lead researcher of this study is of the opinion that apart from weight loss benefit, this hormone injection can bring other health benefits to candidates. As per his view, enhance levels of testosterone in male body play a role in improving energy to stay active. As one can expect, this can also boost level of libido to an extent. However, a section of medical community is not too upbeat about using testosterone to combat obesity as excess levels of the hormone can affect mental capabilities and make one less patient. It can also lead to other adverse effects like baldness and enhances male breasts.

However, supporters of testosterone based do not endorse the side effects theories. The new German study shows that male participants who were obese at the beginning of the trial lost as much as 36 pounds when the study was concluded. The lead researcher said that these men were not out on a specific weight loss diet during the study. They may have done exercise but it was not made mandatory for them either. The study was carried out on more than hundred men who were in their early sixties. The duration of the study was 5 years.

After 5 years, the candidates experienced a drastic reduction in waistline and 97 percent of them became slimmer consistently. Dr Farid Saad said on the findings that excessive amount of testosterone does boost risk of prostate gland ailments. However, in the study male candidates were given a balanced dose of the hormone to keep possibilities of adverse effects at bay. Three candidates in the group were diagnosed with cancer in prostate gland later but the ratio is not alarming.

However, a number of health experts believe that testosterone does not necessarily reduce with age in humans. A lot of people suffer from low hormone level owing to depression, diabetes and obesity.  However, it will take a long time before testosterone therapy gets a formal nod form health authorities for treating obesity related issues. There are skeptics who do not believe that testosterone can be applicable for treating obesity in men universally. There are several health and lifestyle factors which may make many obese men ineligible or this treatment. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to find a solution to treat obesity that is universally applicable or does not come with risk of side effects.

While newer treatments and therapies to combat obesity are appearing on the horizon, most of them are still at experimental stage and it will be several years before these methods become accessible for obese population. To get rid of excess fat, you need to do something right away. While those specialized weight loss diets may be risky and you may lack time for hitting gym dial, there are other options. You can find lots of obese persons who have shed fat after trying HCG based weight loss plans. Its time you too opt for these medically proven weight loss programs. HCG based weight loss plan can help you fulfilling your dream of achieving a slimmer body.

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