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Soft drinks can trigger obesity, says new study

Obesity is deemed as one of the pressing health problems faced by human population. Despite attempts by health experts and doctors, a solution to this menace seems far away. While a person can get obese for a plethora of reasons, in most instances obesity is caused by improper eating and lifestyle habits. It has often been said that eating fat rich junk foods contribute to excess weight. However, recent researches have shown that sugary soft drinks can also inflate your waistline by a large margin.

A research team in Britain’s Bangor University has found evidences of soft drinks leading to obesity. The worse aspect is that people who become fat owing to excess consumption of soft drinks may find it more difficult to shed the flab compared to other fat men and women. Long consumption of sugary drinks can affect human body metabolism in adverse way resulting in less fat burning. The research team is of the opinion that drinking plain water would be better for obese people or for those who tend to put on weight faster than others. This is applicable to both men and women.

Dr. Hans-Peter Kubis, who led the research team, says that concerns about ill effects of soft drinks on health are correct and obese individuals should stay away from them as far as possible. If a person keeps drinking these beverages on a daily basis, his metabolism level will slowly change affecting his fat burning capability. As a result, he will put on more weight and find it hard to get back to shape. They may also develop blood sugar related problems in long run. This can also pave way for a number of ailments that come with obesity. Dr Kubis is of the opinion that governments in several countries need to take a hard stance on sale and mass consumption of these drinks.

There is no denying the negative effects these carbonated beverages can have on human health along with inducing weight gain. A number of soft dins contain high amounts of caffeine which can affect sleep pattern and concentration level in youngsters. A number of users of these drinks also develop gastrointestinal distress in long run. People who consume soft drinks regularly are more prone to get afflicted with bone related ailments including osteoporosis. This is owing to the presence of Phosphoric acid in these beverages which takes a toll on calcium content in teeth and bones in human body.

It is very important that you drink right kind of drinks to fight obesity effectively. It would be advisable to replace sugary and soft drinks with water and fresh fruit juices. Making vegetable and fruit juices at home is the best option in this regard. Commercially sold fruit juices often contain artificial sweeteners and flavors which are detrimental for your weight loss mission. You can also drink coconut water and milk shakes made with low fat milks. Doctors are of the opinion that so called diet colas are also not much beneficial for obese individuals.

Eating patterns do play a role in obesity and you can gain by making alterations in your diet. However, to gate long tern relief from excess weight, you need to do much more than changing your meals. Doctors always stress son exercise and activities that help in calorie burning. You may also think of trying fully fledged weight loss programs. There are a huge number of men and women who have got positive results from hormone based weight loss therapies. You can also think of opting for HCG based weight loss therapies to get rid of obesity.

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