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Pick the right type of seafood for your weight loss diet

When you want to lose excess body weight, picking the right type of food may pose a challenge. There are several obese women and men how find it a difficult task to pick suitable foods when they undergo weight loss regime. While it is important that you include plenty of low fat foods in your meals, you also need to intake enough protein. Without protein intake your body cannot burn fats the way it is needed to get back in shape. Therefore, it is important that you choose right sources of protein while you are on a weight loss regime.

It would be a good idea to try various seafood variants instead of animal meat like chicken and beef. Most of the animal meat sources are imbued with fat. Compared to animal meat options, seafood are much healthier. You can have fish that are rich with omega 3 fatty acid and vitamins. However, not all seafood options are equally beneficial for people who want to lose excess body weight. Some of seafood variants are rich in fat and you should avoid eating them.

Flounder is one fish that can be part of your weight loss diet. This fish has a unique butter laden flavor that makes it yummy. It does not contain much fat or cholesterol causing ingredients. Flounder is rich in multiple vitamins too. Consuming shell fish can be a tad risky for you in this regard.  However, you can have them in moderation, especially crab and clams. Salmon is well known for its health benefits and you can have smoked salmon for staying fit while losing excess body fat. It is better if you have salmon or any sea fish in baked or grilled form. Deep frying fish or seafood in edible oil can spoil much of the nutrients and add to the calorie value to an extent.

Other two fish types that you can include in your weight loss meals are sardines and perch. The latter is a small fish which is not costly at all. It is available all over the year and it is rich in selenium. Sardines are also suitable for people who want to consume protein without in taking much fat or calories. This fish is rich in healthy Omega 3 fatty acid. It is somewhat oily but eating sardine will not make your waistline grow. They are available mostly in canned form but it would be great if you can buy them in raw form.

Before buying seafood and fish, keep certain aspects in mind. It is better to eat cold water sea fish. These fish can help in lowering your body’s cholesterol level in long run. It is also important that you refrain from eating fish and seafood that can contain excess amount of pollutants including mercury. It is also prudent to buy fish grown in wild rather than farmed variants. It is better to eat mackerel, swordfish and some sea fish variants in moderation to stay away from contaminants. In fact, health experts advise that children and conceiving women should not eat fish that can be contaminated.

You can benefit from including seafood and fish variants in your weight loss meals. However, health experts and doctors believe that to lose weight one needs to do more. You should not rely exclusively on some food habit changes to shed ugly fat layers from body. Depending on factors like your health and age, hormone based weight loss plans may be suitable for your needs. HCG based weight loss programs bring lasting relief from obesity and they can fit your weight loss needs too.

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