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Newly approved weight loss pills compared and analyzed

Weight loss has become a major concern for a significant part of global population. Obesity has emerged as a major threat for developing nations. Sadly, typical weight loss measures do not work well for all obese individuals. Specialized weight loss diets may trigger adverse effects on individuals. A lot of fat persons cannot work out regularly owing to health issues and lack of time. Of late, researchers are trying to develop solutions and medications that can be taken by obese men and women. In last few weeks, the FDA gave nods for two weight loss medications made by Arena Pharmaceuticals and Vivus Pharmaceuticals respectively.

However, none of the weight loss drugs, Belviq and Qsymia, are going to be made available commercially anytime soon.  The FDA will have to decide scheduling for Belviq because it can be used for abuse. It is expected that both the drugs will be sold from early 2013. FDA earlier rejected applications for approval of both the drugs. However, after extended research and testing carried out by both the manufacturers the advisory body of FDA recommended their usage. The approval for the products have made sensation and created headlines.

Weight loss is the aim of both these drugs but they work in different ways. Qsymia is blend of two drugs, Phentermine, which suppresses appetite and topiramate which is known for seizure prevention properties. Belviq affects generation and flow of serotonin a chemical in brain which is linked with weight loss. Pregnant women are not advised to take any of these weight loss medications. Qsymia cannot be used by people suffering from glaucoma and taking antidepressant drugs. Belviq cannot be used by people taking depression medication and anxiety disorders.

It is too early to say which drug will better on obese persons because they have not been tested together or side by side so far. The drugs are meant for lifelong usage by users unless they trigger any adverse effects on them. As is the case with any weight loss medication, these two drugs need to be used with exercise and a balanced and healthy diet to get optimum result. Vivus Pharmaceuticals has said on its part that the drug Qsymia will only be made available through certified pharmacies to weight loss aspirants. Doctors are also required to assess suitability of obese patients before prescribing them these drugs.

While the approval of FDA has excited a major part of obese population in the USA and other countries, a part of medical community is skeptical about effectiveness of the weight loss drugs. In past, FDA had to withdraw license of weight loss products that were used. Even the proponents of such weight loss pills say that candidates will have to incorporate healthy eating and lifestyle habits to benefit from the pills. The restrictions imposed on both the pills may make a significant art of obese population unable to use them. In a nutshell, none of these weight loss drugs should be mistaken as a miracle and universal formula for drastic weight loss.

It is encouraging that weight loss medications are being approved by a leading health entity like FDA. However, depending on health condition and other restrictions, you may not be able to opt for these medications. Besides, anyone who wants to lose weight should not depend solely on a weight loss product or pill for long term benefits. It may be the right time for you to try hormone based weight loss programs. These weight loss programs have already brought relief to several formerly obese men and women. You can find more information on suitability of HCG based weight loss plans for you.

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