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New weight loss medication may be effective at battling obesity, says scientists

There is no dearth of choices available for people who want to lose excess body weight. However, the reality is that typical and conventional weight loss methods do not work for each obese man or woman. That explains why the medical community is doing its best to find a permanent cure to this health hazard. Of late researchers are trying to invent medications to fight weight loss. In a recent development, researchers have found that a new weight loss medication that can enhance body’s reaction to a hormone that suppresses appetite. This can help in combating obesity, as the researchers are thinking.

This new weight loss product, code named JD5037 has been found to be effective in losing weight in rodents. The drug apparently raises leptin level in human body, which restricts appetite. In the study that was carried out, fat mice given this drug ate less compared to their counterparts who were not given the dosages. These mice that were given the drug ended up to 28 percent of their body weight. The researchers headed by Dr. George Kunos have a plan to start trials on human candidates once they obtain the permission.

The findings of this study were published first into Cell Metabolism journal. However, weight loss drugs tend to have their share of side effects. Rimonabant, an experimental weight loss medication was meant for smoking on obese individuals. However, the FDA turned it down owing to risks of depressions in users. That was when it was withdrawn from European market and it was considered thereafter as a cancelled drug for treating obesity. However, the new study indicates that a structural modification of its components can actually make it more effective and beneficial for weight loss treatment.

The new agent, developed after altering structural molecules in the drug has been christened JD5037. In mice and humans, obesity tends to diminish the sensitivity of body to leptin. The researches are of the view that the new drug, after the structural alterations will not only help in losing weight gradually, but it will also help people in staying in shape for long.  Since obese persons become increasingly desensitized to leptin they do not gain much from hormone supplements alone.

However, there are detractors of the medication who do not believe that such medications can actually bring lasting relief from obesity related problems. While the results in mice are positive, it may not be so with humans and before human trails are carried out, nothing can be said with certainty. Even the two new weight loss drugs approved by FDA of late have got mixed responses from the medical community. Both of them can produce weight loss results with limitations, and manufacturers advise patients to resort to healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Besides, a number of weight loss aspirants will not be able to take these medications for health complication reasons, as FDA has said.

Weight loss drugs may not be the answer for every obese man or woman. At best, they can use weight loss drugs to help the weight loss process. Depending solely on these products is not advisable and even veteran doctors advise against that. You can try weight loss medications after seeking expert medical intervention. However, it is better if you seek medically tested weight loss programs. There are a lot of people who have got relief from excess weight related problems after trying hormone therapies. Hormone based weight loss plans may be suitable for adult men and women who suffer from obesity. HCG based weight loss plans can fit your needs too. It does not require much time either.

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