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New study indicates breastfeeding may help to tackle female obesity

Obesity is a widespread health hazard that does not spare people belonging to almost any age group. From teens to pregnant women anyone can be affected by this menace. Women who gain excess weight owing to pregnancy find it quite difficult at times to get rid of it. They resort to various measures including specialized diets and exercises to get back into shape, with varying results. For some of them exercise may not be an option owing to health complications. These special weight loss diets can trigger adverse effects. However, if you want to shed excess flab after childbirth but do not know which process to choose, there is news that can bring a smile to your face.

There is an age old belief that breastfeeding helps women in getting rid of pregnancy related weight. A new study indicates that this theory might be true and women who breastfeed their kids can enhance their chances of staying in shape for a long time. According to the finding of this study, women who offer breastfeeding to their kids can stay slim for more than two decades compared to those who do not breastfeed. The study was published recently in ‘International Journal of Obesity’. As expected, the revelation has made sensation in medical community.

The British study was carried out on women belonging to diverse socio economic segments and with varying number of kids. It included nearly 750,000 participants aged between 50 to 64 years. After the study was wrapped up, researchers concluded that breastfeeding can lead to long-term and modest reduction in average body mass index in women. Kirsty Bobrow, associated with University of Oxford and this study described the effects of breastfeeding on women obesity as long term.

The researchers are of the opinion that a mother can burn up to 500 calories a day by the act of breastfeeding. This is what a healthy adult can burn by working out at gym every day. A woman who gives birth to a number of babies in her life and breastfeeds them all, has more chances of obtaining long term weight loss benefits compared to others. The researchers think that by breastfeeding their infants, women can cut down chances of getting overweight and this can also help them in keeping obesity related ailment at bay. A lot of obese individuals including women get afflicted with fatal diseases like heart problems and cancers in later years.

Leading health entities like WHO also promotes breastfeeding since it is good for growing kids. Now, after the publishing of this study, it is natural that more health entities will endorse breastfeeding. This can be especially beneficial to women who tend to gain more weight after each pregnancy and find it hard to shed that weight. They can reverse the process to an extent by offering breastfeeding to their babies, think the researchers. The effects may not be immediate but they will gain from it.

You can resort to breastfeeding to ensure your child grows up healthy and you get rid of excess body weight. However, depending on your lifestyle conditions and certain physiological factors you may not ebb able to do workouts for losing weight gained before childbirth. Breastfeeding can help you to an extent but you may need to resort to medically proven weight loss measure. In recent times, hormone based weight loss measures have gained popularity among obese lot. You can also obtain benefits from these plans. It is advisable that you consult a qualified health expert to learn more about HCG based weight loss plans and how suitable they are for your needs.

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