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Lose weight with cleverly chosen Thai foods

There are various kinds of diets you can try for shedding excess body weight. Some people try for vegetable based weight loss diets while for some others spicy Mexican diet is the way to go. It is wrong to say one kind of diet is the best for weight loss because not all fat persons can benefit from any specific diet. If you want a way to become slimmer without punishing your taste buds there is something else you can try. Thai foods can fit your bill. However, you need to be careful in your choice of Thai foods to succeed in your weight loss objective. It may seem a paradox that while Thai foods are comprised of fattening ingredients like sugar and coconut milk, majority of Thai people remain slim for years!

To lose weight eating Thai foods, you may have to make change to the way you take meals. Apart from popular heavy curries and deep-fried foods, Thai cuisine also includes broth-based soups, herb-infused seafood and steamed vegetables. Even the appetizers used in this cuisine are not always fat heavy, contrary to popular perception. You can have tasty and crispy spring rolls for example. It is better to have the steamed option over deep fried for obvious reasons.

Thai cuisine cannot be complete without some mouth watering noodles for sure. A blend of lean protein, vegetables and noodles would be good for you as long as the oil used for cooking is not too fatty. However, Thai curries tend to be rich in calories and you need to watch out the calorie count. However, you can always choose from healthier alternatives like ginger-infused chicken curry. You can have with steamed vegetables and a cup of rice.

Thankfully, spices that are used in Thai dishes can help you in your weight loss aspirations to an extent. For example, their cuisine involves extensive use of powdered and dried chili peppers. It makes food spicy and also helps in speeding up your metabolism. This in turn helps in burning fat. Capsaicin which is main ingredient in peppers also helps in fighting fat storage in human body as new medical research suggests. Coconut milk is fat enriched but it contains fewer calories compared to other fat rich alternatives including butter.

When you adhere to Thai foods to lose weight, choose foods carefully. It would be prudent on your part to have a healthy blend of vegetables, lean meat and rice in your meals. Thai meal includes rice more than bread and thus when you eat the meals, you feel like eating less fat enriched meat.

Even when you eat Thai foods outside at a restaurant, you need to select dishes intelligently to keep calorie consumption within limits. Choose foods that are made with herbs and condiments like cilantro, chilies, lemon grass and lime juice. For non vegetarian dishes choose dishes made of lean meat like chicken and shrimp instead of beef. In many Thai eateries you can find low calorie healthy soups and it is prudent to use them as appetizers before main course.

Thai foods contain herbs and spices that are thermogenic and may help in boosting your metabolism levels. However, to retain long term benefits from obesity you need to do more than simply altering your eating habits, think heath experts. You will gain more benefit from adhering to medically proven weight loss plans. There are several such plans but nowadays a lot of people are opting for hormone driven weight loss programs. You should try seeking information on HCG based weight loss plans and learn your eligibility for same.

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