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Know the adverse effects of resorting to a low fat diet

Obesity can be a serious health menace that has far reaching implications in human life. Not only obese men and women face greater risk of getting afflicted with some killer diseases, they also think of themselves in low light because of their extra body weight. To eliminate this menace, fat persons resort to a number of methods. While exercise may not be an option for many of them, weight loss diets seem like easier alternatives. However, before resorting to a new diet to lose excess weight, you need to see whether it comes with risk of any side effect or not.

A lot of people try to eliminate fat from their diet to get slimmer. While you should not eat lot of fatty foods in a weight loss regime, you also need to remember that your body needs some amount of healthy fats too. Discarding all fats from your meals may ultimately lead to some negative developments. It is better that you learn the various negative effects of resorting to a diet that has very low amount of fat included. It will help you staying healthier an fit.

Reduced vitamin absorption– If you adhere to a diet for losing excess weight that discards fat completely, your vitamin intake will suffer. Some vitamins including vitamin D and A are fat soluble. Therefore, your body needs some amount of fat to dilute and absorb them. These vitamins are responsible for cell growth, blood clotting, and immunity and healing. When your body cannot absorb them, you will develop symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

Depression- Research has proved that eating foods that are low in healthy fats, including fatty acids can lead to negative mentality development. It can make you feel depressed.  Deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids can often lead to mental disorders in people.

Enhanced cancer risk– Low intake of essential fats can also increase chances of cancer formation in individuals. On the contrary, people who eat foods rich with healthy fatty acids can fight cancer growth better.

Cardiac ailments and elevated cholesterol levels– Low-fat diets can also affect the cholesterol level in your body. When you keep on eating foods that are very low in fat your body’s HDL goes down. This makes you vulnerable to a number of cardiac problems in long run.

Pick low fat foods at stores with caution– It is important that you do not go for levels blindly and buy low fat labeled foods with a bit of caution. It is important that you read the ingredients and preservative is used in these foods really well. Some of these foods may contain added sugars and artificial flavors.  Obese people often get carried away by advertising and tend to think they can gorge on these foods as much as they want. This can actually make them consume more calorie than they should. Be especially careful to avoid those foods that contain abysmal amounts of sodium.

Therefore, it is better and prudent that you include foods in your weight loss diet that include healthy fats. Examples include avocado, sea fish, dairy products and olive oil.

While including foods with healthy fats in diet and avoiding trans fat rich foods may help you in getting slim, sometimes you may need more. A lot of fat individuals benefit little from making changes in their diets. Adopting active lifestyle is what doctors always suggest to get rid of obesity. However, you can always think of trying proven weight loss plans. In recent times, popularity of hormone based weight loss plans have gone up significantly. You can try HCG based weight loss programs too and obtain benefits.

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