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How to make low-fat salads that taste great and do not add to your waistline

When you want to shed excess body weight, it is important that you pick right type of foods. However, for several obese individuals this can be one task that is easier said than done. They avoid several favorite foods for fear of adding to waistline while many of the low fat labeled foods do not help them much in their slimming efforts. However, there is no denying the advantage of eating leafy green vegetables and fruits for weight loss and this is what most health experts recommend. You can incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables in your weight loss diet by eating salads. You can eat low fat salad dishes with breakfast and meals easily.

To make salads appeal to your taste buds, try adding and using new vegetables with different taste and textures. There are some vegetables that can be used in raw of boiled form. However, you can use cucumber and onions in raw form. On the contrary, mushrooms should always be properly boiled before you use them in salads for hygiene reasons. It is also okay to microwave some vegetables like carrot and peppers before adding them to salads. However, to maintain the calorie quotient it would be advisable that you do not deep fry vegetables for use in salads.

You can also use fresh fruits in making low fat salad dishes. However, go for low fiber fruits and those fruits that contain plenty of water. It would also be a good idea to mix fruits with vegetables. To make salads tastier, it is a good idea to use spices and herbs. You can use lemon juice, ginger and black pepper to make salads taste zingy. However, refrain from using much cheese, butter, mayonnaise and fatty condiments with your salads.

You can utilize the web for learning more on low fat salad recipes. There are several such healthy salad recipes that you can download and try at home. There is no compulsion to stick only to vegetables and fruits to make healthy and tasty salads. You can also use lean meat, egg and fish slices in your salads to make them taste great. However, refrain from using animal meat that contains lots of fat.

You can make low calorie chicken and egg salads at home. They are great for breakfast and during those occasional hunger pangs. However, you should use chicken breast and go for boiled and lightly sautéd meat. Deep frying chicken or any meat will add to the caloric value to an extent. However, at times, you can use leftover chicken meat in making salads. Eggs also make for great salad ingredient. You can use them in hard boiled form and slice into salad dishes. Some variants of fish can also be used in making low fat and healthy salads. You can use canned sardine and tuna for making salads. However, it would be great if you can acquire fresh fish and meat for making salads instead of canned and cooked variants.

Salads and low fat foods are helpful for weight loss. However, if you are serious about losing excess weight making some food habit changes will not be adequate for your needs. If you want to attain a slimmer figure and keep excess weight at bay, you need to go for an effective method to lose weight.  Depending on your health conditions and age, you may try hormone based weight loss therapies. HCG based weight loss plans are popular among obese population nowadays. You can contact veteran weight loss experts and doctors to know whether these weight loss plans are suitable for your need.

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