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How to give obese persons healthy and tasty dishes at breakfast

For obese people, adhering to a proper diet often becomes a headache. They often find shedding excess flab a problem owing to lack to time to exercise and work pressure. Many of them also tend to skip breakfast frequently. However, to combat obesity you should not develop the habit of skipping breakfasts. Studies have indicated that people avoiding breakfast end up eating more amount of food throughout the day which leads to weight gain. Eating a balanced breakfast keeps you full for longer and you feel less hungry before meals, which helps in avoiding binge eating.

However, you need to be careful in making breakfast for any obese adult. There are some healthy alternatives to fat rich sandwiches and burgers people love gorging on.

It would be a good idea to include various types of fresh and fiber rich fruits in breakfasts. Fiber enriched foods help digestion and they contain lower amounts of calorie. These fruits also offer essential nutrients and minerals to a person. You can be a little innovative in using fruits in breakfasts. Try offering fruits like various berries, oranges and banana in breakfast. At times, mixing fruit slices with yogurt and cereal can also work.

Oatmeal is ideal for using in breakfast for everyone, including obese persons. It is fiber rich and can be used to burn more amount of fat. It breaks down slowly and so gives energy to users for long periods. Oatmeal also offers a lot of health benefits including cholesterol reduction and protection from cardiac problems. You can have it with fruits like raspberry and blueberry as well. It is better to use unflavored and unsweetened variant of oats for obtaining weight loss benefits. Using steel cut oats is also a good idea in this context.

Unless you are lactose intolerant, using yogurts in breakfast is a good idea. You can use yogurt made of low fat and skimmed milk. You can use it with fruits to add taste. They can also be used to make healthy and nutrient rich smoothies. Smoothies made with yogurt, fresh fruit and honey can act as a healthy low calorie food that will keep you full for longer. You should use organic fruits in smoothies to obtain maximum benefits. Avoid using peanut butter in excess as it contains fat. It is better to use skimmed milk instead of whole milk for same reason.

You can use eggs in breakfasts for obese people. Eggs are good sources of protein and they also contain several other nutrients. You can use them with sandwiches or serve in boiled and semi boiled form. They can also be used with salads at times.

Homemade low fat sandwiches can also be given to obese people in breakfasts. However, use low fat cheese and ingredients to make such sandwiches. It is a good idea to combine fruits, vegetables and herbs in making sandwiches. Lemon, green chili and black pepper can be added instead of fat rich sauces and mayonnaise in such sandwiches. You can also use boneless lean meat at times.

Healthy and low fat breakfast is among one of the essential steps included in a weight loss regimen. However, to shed excess weight systematically and obtain long lasting results, you need to put in more efforts than eating healthy breakfast. While resorting to crash diets can be risky, you can surely give proven weight loss plans a try. Hormone based weight loss programs have caught up with a section of obese individuals nowadays. Depending on your feasibility, you can also try out HCG based weight loss programs and get benefits from the same greatly.

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