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How to eliminate unhealthy fats and include healthy fats in your diet

To get rid of excess body weight, obese persons try every possible means. While there is no single solution to obesity, you can find plenty of special diets and exercises meant solely for weight loss. However, these weight loss methods do not work wonders for some obese men and women. There are instances of several fat persons staying away from exercise owing to health complications. These diets are not without risks of side effects either. However, if you cannot try exercises or specialized diets, it does not mean you will have to remain for the rest of your life. There are some lifestyle changes and eating habits that you can incorporate in your schedule to get back into shape without hassles.

You need to make your choices for foods intelligently to control your waistline. You should include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources and healthy fats in your meals. It is important that you buy fresh produce and meat for your consumption. It would be best if you can buy organic produce from a shop. Similarly, opt for fresh fish and meat instead of canned and preserved varieties. When you have no option than buying canned food, look for expiry date and type of preservatives used.

You can use plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meals.  You do not necessarily have to go for only raw or boiled foods in this regard. However, try to minimize the usage of oil in making dishes as far as possible. Try to sauté foods instead of deep frying when you can. Some vegetables can be consumed raw especially in salads. When making snacks and salads avoid use of fat rich condiments. Consumption of dairy products is good but you should stick to low fat products including milk and cheese.  You should choose your drinks with care, too. Avoid aerated drinks and sodas as far as you can.

It is also important that you pay attention to the foods you eat as snacks or during hunger pangs. Try to minimize consumption of packaged snacks and fast foods like burgers. Instead of bringing sandwiches from restaurant and fat food joints, try making them at home with low fat spices and minimal amount of oil. You can use several thermogenic spices with your foods and snacks to add to taste without affecting calorie consumption.

It is also important that you include the healthy fats your body needs in your weight loss diet. What many obese people do not understand is the fact their body needs healthy fats to keep functioning properly. For this, you should eat fish rich in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and nuts. Olive oil is also considered as a source of monounsaturated fat and you can use it in your dishes. Besides, you can also eat fruits like coconut and avocado in moderation to get your dose of healthy fats. Coconut oil can also be used for cooking as it is better than edible oils that can generate trans-fat.

It is true that sticking to a low fat and nutrient rich diet will help you in succeeding in your weight loss plan. However, making changes in food habits may not be adequate for a majority of obese individuals. You need to make some lifestyle changes as well to get back into shape and resolve obesity issues for long. It would be prudent for obese lot to opt for alternative therapies that have been tested extensively for efficiency. Of late, hormone based weight loss plans have become quite popular. You can try out HCG based weight loss plans in this regard.


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