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How cucumbers can be of use in your weight loss plan

For overweight people, choosing right kind of foods remains a dilemma. They are never too sure of which foods can be good for their physique. They need to be careful even when eating fruits and vegetables. If you are trying to lose weight and feel confused about what fruits and vegetables you should eat, try cucumber. This fiber rich and low-calorie vegetable is ideal for obese individuals who need suitable foods that help them in lowering calorie and fat intake.

There are several benefits of including cucumbers in weight loss plan. Its high water content helps in keeping you well hydrated. You feel less hungry as well. Its water content acts as a diuretic which in turn helps your body in getting rid of lots of toxins. You can easily use cucumber to fill your dish without raising calorie intake amount. For example, a cup of sliced cucumber offers you only 16 calories and4 g of carbohydrates. The best thing is they are not seasonal and you can find them in market all over the year. Unlike some other high fiber vegetables, cucumbers do not cost you a lot.

There are some variants of cucumbers. You can buy English cucumbers that have thinner skin and tastes better than other types. You can surely have them with salads but with a little effort and innovative thinking, they can be part of your main meals too. You can also have cucumber slices dipped in lemon juice with animal meat parts. Add it to salads made with other low calorie vegetables for variety. Use low fat oils and chillies as condiments with such salads instead of fat enriched mayonnaise.

You can also add chopped and sliced raw cucumbers to vegetable soups. Cucumber blends well with taste and flavor of a number of vegetables that are commonly used in making soups including sweet potatoes and asparagus. You can have such soups a little before dinner and lunch. This will surely help you in eating less portions and this will control your calorie consumption. It would be a good idea to include cucumbers in smoothies too! It will pave way for healthy breakfast.  It would be a good idea to include it in smoothies that are made of other green vegetables like kale and spinach. You can also add avocado and green apple to these smoothies.

You can also eat cucumbers with appetizers before main meals. Instead of gorging on fried chicken or similar calorie rich appetizers, it would be a good idea to mix cucumbers with fried snacks to keep calorie intake within control. You can also have them with potato chips drag hunger pangs.

However, before you eat cucumbers aplenty to control your weight, some precautions may be needed. Some people face hardship in digesting this vegetable. Sometimes, they are waxed to prevent damage to surface layer. Therefore, you need to wash them thoroughly before storing and eating. It would be a prudent step to buy cucumbers from organic food stores for optimum health benefits.

You can benefit from including cucumber and similar fiber rich vegetables in your weight loss diet. However, health experts feel that making alterations to your food habit is not enough to shed excess weight quickly. You may need to exercise to help quicken the process. However, it would be even better if you try effective and medically proven weight loss regimes. Depending on factors like your age and physiological aspects, hormone based weight loss methods may suit your needs. A lot of obese women and men have bid obesity adieu after trying HCG based weight loss plans and it can be your case too.

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