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Green Coffee Bean Extract being hailed as next weight loss supplement

The side effects and possible risk factors associated with weight loss products and supplements notwithstanding, obese individuals do not refrain from trying out newer methods to get rid of excess fat. In recent times, a number of natural extracts derived from plants and fruits have been hailed as effective weight loss aid. The latest to join this bandwagon is green coffee bean extract. It has been indicated by a recently conducted medical study and the medical community is abuzz with this topic. The substance that aids in weight loss is contained in fresh green seeds in red coffee beans.

The study on weight loss benefits of green coffee bean was conducted for a period of 3 months.  The results amazed research team who carried out the research on 16 participants. The participants were asked not to make any big change in exercise and food habits during the period. There is a compound in these raw coffee bean extract called chlorogenic acid that plays a role in losing excess weight as the researchers have concluded. It enhances human body’s inherent fat burning cycle and at the same time slows down glucose absorption. The finding of the study was published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. However, after being featured in popular Dr Oz Tv Show the medical community has taken note and discussions are doing the rounds online.

Dr Oz did not endorse any particular weight loss supplement based on green coffee bean extract but there is no denying the increasing public interest in it. Similar to green tea, pure green coffee bean extract can offer obese individuals much more than just weight loss benefits, according to the research findings. It offers antioxidants to body which accelerates healing process and also enhances immunity level. This is helpful since obese individuals can lose weight and stay fit.

The findings on the weight loss benefits of pure green coffee bean extracts was shared at 243rd annual meeting of the American Chemical society. However, the research on green coffee bean will be extended on more candidates to find out more information and possibility of side effects, if any. After being featured on Dr Oz’s show, interest regarding green coffee beans has skyrocketed, given the fact the doctor is regarded as one of the stalwarts in industry. Apart from Dr Oz, Lindsay Duncan , a celebrated nutritionist also gave high marks to green coffee extract recently. According to nutrition experts, a daily intake of 800 mg will be beneficial for obese people.

In near future, lots of weight loss supplements based on this extract may hit the market and as expected obese individuals may make a beeline for them. This has been the case with other natural components that were hailed by reputed health and nutrition experts. However, you should not go for any health supplement unless it gets certified and cleared by leading health entities to be on safe side. Before starting use of any OTC supplement it is ideal that you consult your dietician.

However, majority of diet experts and nutritionists agree that just by taking supplements and weight loss pills, obese individuals are not likely to witness any miracle. To lose weight consistently and get long term results from these products, you need to couple them with exercise and active lifestyle. In fact, it would be good if you can find time to follow proven weight loss regimens. Lots of adult obese persons, both men and women have gained benefits from hormone based weight loss plans. You can try out HCG based weight loss solutions and get a slimmer figure without many hassles.

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