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Cannabis can treat obesity, indicates new study

There are various methods available for treating weight related problems. While dieting and exercise are what most of the experts suggest, for some obese men and women they remain out of bounds. Hectic work schedule and physical ailments rule out hitting gym for a lot of fat persons. Nowadays, a lot of researches are in progress to find a solution for treating this health menace. While some findings have shown rays of hope, an all conclusive cure for obesity still seems far away. In recent developments, the FDA has approved commercial usage of two weight loss drugs. Some other researches indicate that usage of natural plants and extracts may hold hope for obesity.

In a startling development that has shaken the medical community, researchers in UK have found components in marijuana that can be useful for treating obesity issues. These components can suppress appetite and boost metabolism. These two elements found in marijuana are named THCV and cannabidiol. These compounds do not have long lasting effects but the researchers are of the opinion that they can be used in weight loss medications in future.

Early tests conducted on animals have shown positive results so far. The animal subjects showed reduction in fat content in body organs, and their cholesterol levels also got reduced post application of the elements. The company behind the discovery, GW Pharmaceuticals is conducting tests on human candidates who have obesity and diseases that are triggered by it. There will be 4 trials on human candidates and detailed findings will be made available by year end. While Cannnabis continues to be an illegal drug in general, GW Pharmaceuticals has acquired an exclusive permit to grow them in greenhouse and experiment to enhance amount of these two compounds.

As it is well known, close on the heels of the USA, UK also suffers from major obesity problem. GW Pharmaceuticals R&D director Steph Wright said in his statement that responses in animals have been really encouraging. Previous studies carried out on cannabis showed that these 2 compounds can be used to treat people afflicted with type-two diabetes. Needless to say, obese people often develop metabolism anomaly related ailments in later years. That is why researchers are hopeful that these components will be helpful in treating obesity and allied ailments. The early studies suggest that these molecules can influence metabolism level in body to an extent.

While these researches may create new debates and waves in medical community, the reality remains that there is no typical cure for obesity. Doctors recommend that obese individuals need to be careful about the food they intake. Without regular intake of enough low calorie food, your body will not be able to burn required amount of calorie. It is also important that you eat foods that offer you required nutrients to stay healthy and fit. Without a balanced diet and a required amount of physical activity no diet can help a fat person to shed excess flab.

There are some other ways available for obese people who want to gain a slimmer physique. While crash diets may not be suitable for you, you may think of trying alternative weight loss therapies. There are several overweight men and women who have found relief in Hormone based weight loss plans. Depending on your age and health conditions, you may opt for it. It is prudent that you get in touch with doctors well versed in this subject to know your suitability of such plans. These weight loss plans are not very hard to adhere to. They are known to be safer compared to many prevalent weight loss programs.

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