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Banana can be included in a weight loss diet

For overweight individuals finding the right type of food to eat may become a problem. For all of them, sticking to a specialized weight loss diet may not be possible. Similarly, for working professionals finding the time to hit gyms regularly can be a headache. However, you can lose excess weight even if you cannot work out every day and adhere to a stringent diet. For long, health and nutrition experts have recommended including fiber rich and low calorie foods in weight loss diet. You can also have plenty of low fat and high fiber fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will help you in losing weight and staying healthy at the same time.

Banana is a fruit that is liked by any. Obese people can include in their meals and breakfast to succeed in their objective. You can find banana all round the year and it is not much costly either. One advantage of using banana in our weight loss diet is that you can use it in numerous ways ad preparing sacks, salads or dishes with this fruit is quite easy. Hence, you will not have to spend much time in making banana based dishes. Banana is rich in several nutrients and dietary fiber. It contains a good amount of minerals like magnesium and potassium. It also offers your body with a fair amount of vitamin B6.

Since it does not contain much fat, you can several bananas in a day without fearing about taking in more calories than required. When you feel sudden pangs of hunger between two meals, you can eat a couple of bananas with some fruit juice. This will keep you full. It contains pectin, which gets dissolved in stomach easily and this fiber in this fruit helps in suppressing sudden pangs of hunger.

There are many ways you can eat bananas while you are on a weight loss regime. First of all, you can include them in sliced form in a variety of fruit salads. You can carry a few bananas when you are outside to gorge on during hunger pangs. You can also prepare healthy and yummy smoothie using bananas. You can use mashed bananas with some other fruits and low fat yogurt to make smoothies. These smoothies are good for health and they also help you in keeping calorie consumption under limit.

You can use bananas to make low calorie desserts. Since bananas contain natural sugar, you do not need to use artificial sweeteners while making dessert dishes with this fruit. There are many yummy banana dishes like salads and desserts and you can find information on them in the web. With a little innovative thinking, you can make banana ice creams and milk shakes. These can serve as excellent side dishes or even as desserts. It is possible to use ripe bananas for making healthy and low fat breads at home. When they become too soft, you can mash and use with flour and milk to make banana brad. They can also be used in making low calorie cakes and cookies.

Banana has several health benefits and owing to its low fat quotient can be used in making a number of healthy breakfast and meal dishes. However, you have to remember that eating any fruit is not going to help you in fighting obesity on a long term basis. For effective weight loss, you may need to adopt medically proven weight loss measures. You may not believe in specialized diets, but hormone based therapies may be right for you. You can contact qualified doctors for knowing more on HCG weight loss plans.

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