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A path breaking vaccine for treating obesity is under preparation

Obesity is rated as one of the worrisome health hazards plaguing global population and it does keep medical experts on their toes. While there have been several methods that obese individuals can try for losing weight, there is nothing like a sure shot remedy for it. This is owing to the fact that obesity can be caused by several food and lifestyle related factors. Since every person has a unique constitution, not all weight loss methods work equally for every obese person. However, in a recent development that has made sensation in medical community, a breakthrough medication is being developed, which can take obesity treatment to new heights.

This new development comes close on the heels of Arena pharmaceutical’s new anti obesity drug which got FDA approval just a few days back. Arena’s new weight loss pill comes with some limitations and it has been said that people suffering from cardiovascular ailments should not try it. The new anti obesity vaccine under discussion is still in experimental stage but from experiments carried out on rodents indicate that it has possibilities. The research demonstrates this vaccine can enhance metabolism as well as fat burning rate in body.

In the study, it has been observed that obese mice that were fed high fat foods benefited from the application of vaccine. This vaccine succeeded in reducing generation of somatostatin in the body of these mice. The findings of this study were published recently in Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology. This vaccine has been made in two versions. The duration of the study was 6 weeks. The vaccine application resulted in a visible reduction in weight gain in test mice, says the study. Both these vaccines produced antibodies in the mice resulting in a significant reduction in weight.

Somatostatin which plays a pivotal role in weight loss, is a peptide protein which mimics a hormone. While it has been proven to be effective on mice, the compound can also work on humans to enhance metabolism and trigger weight loss. In the test, those mice were injected large amount of vaccine. However, another study which is yet to be published suggests that the vaccine can work on mammals when applied in small amounts as well. It is expected that in near future developed variants of the vaccine will be applied on more animals.

While the vaccine and publication of the study has made waves in medical community as well as obese individuals, it is still under development. A section of health and obesity experts are still skeptical about prospects of these weight loss pills and vaccines on human. While studies conducted on rodents and mammals have shown positive signs, application on humans can be more complicated than that. It also needs to be noted that a number of weight loss products including supplements and pills are known for possible side effects on people afflicted with certain physical conditions and ailments. In all probability, it will be a long way before the vaccine gets approval for application on human candidates.

While scientists and researchers are busy trying to find cure of obesity, you just cannot keep waiting for a miracle in anti obesity treatment. As a matter of fact, you can try out available medical therapies and proven methods for getting rid of body fat. There are several fat persons who have gained benefits after opting for hormone based weight loss measures. HCG based diets and weight loss plans deserve mention in this context. You can get in touch with qualified doctors and health experts to know your level of feasibility for HCG based weight loss programs.

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