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Why you should refrain from following crash diets for losing weight?

For overweight people, there is no shortage of weight loss measures nowadays. In their attempt to get back to shape, fat men and women resort to numerous methods. However, not all of them benefit from such weight loss plans. Some of them are rather impatient and that explains why they choose crash diets. However, there can be several health implications of these short weight loss diets. Nutritionists and doctors warn people of serious health damages and complications that can be caused by such diets.

Crash diets are made to weight excess body weight in a drastic manner. As opposed to tried and tested conventional weight loss methods these diets focus on reducing calorie consumption quickly. Some of them also involve workout regimens while others rely solely on food. The drawback of drastic weight loss triggered by these diets is that in the process you lose more than just excess fat from your body. This is by no means long term fat loss.

There are a number of health complications that can be triggered by crash diets. These diets often leave out foods that supply essential minerals and vitamins to your body. These are required to keep your body fit and maintain robust immunity level. Such nutritional deficiencies can lead to slowing down of normal metabolism in human body. It will eventually affect the way vital organs work in your body too.

Apart from harm to body parts and organs, crash diet is also capable of causing psychological impacts on followers as studies have shown. Crash diets do not contain any calorie rich and fat rich foods. Hence, the craving for such foods goes up in minds of its followers. When they are allowed to resume normal eating patterns they gorge excessively on these foods and end up consuming excess calorie. It is sort of a boomerang effect on their mind.

Crash diets do not last for long time. In most instances, they help in reducing water weight from body. As soon as you stop following these diets weight gain becomes almost inevitable. This can also make the candidates depressed. Depression often causes people to overeat and indulge in fatty foods to find relief. This can lead to weight gain.

A lot of candidates opting for crash diets also suffer from short-term dehydration along with nutritional deficits. While reducing fat intake is important for weight loss, you need to remember that human body needs an amount of healthy fat to keep metabolism steady. When your body is deprived of its required intake of fat, the results are manifested in various forms. Your body organs and vital cell tissues can sustain irreparable damages.

A lot of people start feeling weak and dizzy while undergoing these crash diets. It is mainly owing to less calorie consumption. Some of them can also faint from exhaustion and weakness caused by workouts during this period. It can also lead to cardiac complications later. Crash diets are also capable of damaging cardiac muscles. Some of crash diet followers develop arrhythmia which affects regular functioning of heart.

Rather than trying short term crash diets, you should resort to healthy eating habits to lose weight without suffering from any side effect. You can talk to a qualified dietician regarding this. However, apart from making changes in your diet you can try something more substantial to succeed in your weight loss mission. You can try hormone based therapies to lose weight effectively. Lots of fat people have tried HCG based weight loss plans and succeeded. For this, you need to talk with qualified doctors to know more about your prospects for these plans.

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