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Ways to shed excess weight gained during a phase of depression

People can put on excess weight owing to a number of reasons. However, for a majority of obese people, the cause lies in lifestyle and dietary habits. It has often been observed that a lot of people put on excess weight when they eat during phase of depression. When you are sad, you tend to find relief in food and most people choose high calorie, fatty foods. This may not be a conscious choice but the result is unwanted body fat. When you find that you have added some extra pounds to your weight it is time to take preventive measures.

To prevent putting on more weight when you are undergoing a depression period owing to personal loss, professional setback or any such reason, seek professional help. You can talk with doctors and mental health professionals regarding this. Some people benefit from taking antidepressant medication but you should not become dependent on these either. You also need to incorporate some changes in your eating habits.

Craving for foods is more of a psychological thing during depression phases than physical. Therefore, you can try to keep your mind occupied in positive thoughts. For this, you may take evening or morning walk with your friends. You may also join a gym or spend time doing physical activities that is good for fat burning. Besides, it will also help you in staying away from depressing thoughts that can lead to binge eating. Simple activities like taking your dog to walk can give you a welcome break from negative thoughts.

It is also essential that you get adequate rest after a day’s work. If your depression causes lack of sleep it can also make you gain weight eventually. Insomnia that persists over several days or weeks can lead to hormonal imbalance and it can slow down body metabolism. When you are tired owing to lack of sleep you may again crave for fat and calorie rich food which can make you obese. Try to get sleep and use soothing music or bathing at night to sleep peacefully.

It is also essential that you trace the root of depression that is leading to unwanted weight gain. For this, you can undergo counseling session and required treatment from veteran psychology specialists. You may also take a break from work and spend a few days in vacation to soothe your stressed mind. There is no fixed therapy to keep depression away.

Small changes in eating habits can help you in shedding excess weight gained during these phases. Keep low fat snacks and fruits in your kitchen aplenty to deal with hunger pangs. Discard fast food and artificially flavored drinks to check weight. Gradually include baked and boiled foods in your diet instead of deep fried variants. You can also stat taking fluids before meals to reduce amount of food in meals. Depending on your preference, include vegetable and animal source of protein in your diet to get required energy for fat burning.

Some people also opt for diet plans to get rid of stubborn body fat gained during depression phases. You can also try these diets for effective weight loss. However, some of these plans may trigger side effects which can be a setback. You can think of trying alternative weight loss plans as well. A lot of obese people have succeeded in discarding excess body mass after following HCG based weight loss plans. These hormone driven weight loss programs can be tried by both women and men. You can consult qualified diet and health specialists to learn about your suitability for such innovative weight loss regimes.

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