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Ways to combat and get rid of midlife weight

When you cross 40 and proceed towards a new phase in life, certain vital changes take place in your body and mind. A lot of women and men gain weight during midlife and losing it can be a tad difficult for some of them. While exercise and weight loss diets may help, these are not miracle formulas for every obese person in middle age. Besides, many of them may safer from side effects after following crash diets. Exercise cannot be an option for those ridden with a hectic work life. However, this is not to say if you are over 40 and want to lose excess weight, there is no way out!

With an active lifestyle and right kind of foods you can gradually get rid of those ugly fat layers residing around your waistline. To lose excess weight in midlife, you need to plan your diet properly.

You need to eat required amount of protein per day. Skimping on protein sources will result in low metabolism which in turn will affect your body’s fat burning capability. It is important that you choose your protein sources carefully. Avoid eating dishes made of animal protein sources and meat laden with unhealthy fats. Instead include sea fish, lean meat and soy foods in your diet to get protein without excess calories. It is important to have baked, and light fried foods instead of foods cooked in butter and deep fried variants.

You also need adequate sleep to keep your body’s metabolism intact. Adequate sleep will keep you fit and you will not feel fatigued to follow an active lifestyle. In fatigue, people also tend to carve for sugary foods which can be detrimental for a weight loss regime.

It is important that you include various foods in your meals and breakfast that are rich in fiber. You can eat plenty of oatmeal, cereals and fiber rich fruits for this purpose. It is necessary that you stop taking aerated drinks including colas and start drinking fresh fruit juice and green tea to aid weight loss. Green tea has several health benefits. However, avoid taking fruit juices sold in shops that contain artificial sweeteners. It is best if you use organic fruits and vegetables at home to make juices and drink them.

You can add spices and herbs in foods to make them tastier and boost metabolism. Spices like green chili, black pepper and herbs like garlic and ginger are ideal for this purpose. They are healthier choices compared to sauces and mayonnaise which are calorie heavy. To keep your body metabolism at optimum level, do not skip meals or breakfasts. If you cannot manage to have breakfast take something like dried fruits and a smoothie. You can also take low fat dairy products in this context.

You can incorporate light to moderate exercise and physical activities in your daily routine to shake off excess weight gradually and steadily. However, it may not be possible for you go to gym or do cardio training. You can walk some distance everyday or do jogging in morning as a measure. It would be advisable that you use stairs instead of elevators as far as possible. However, if you have any cardiac complication or serious ailment, talk with a doctor before starting any exercise to aid weight loss.

Apart from relying only on diets and foods to lose excess weight, you can think of resorting to proven weight loss plans. Lots of individuals have got rid of excess weight after following HCG based diets. You can consult with doctors regarding your eligibility for these hormone based weight loss programs.

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