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Top weight loss methods tried by celebs post motherhood

Women gain weight owing to numerous reasons. However, a lot of them gain weight naturally owing to motherhood and some of them find shedding the baby weight really tough. In worse cases, some women put ion even more weight after giving birth to child.

It is amazing to see some celebrities including female actors and models get back into shape after motherhood. Not all of them undergo surgeon’s knife for losing excess body fat either. Women who have gained excess weight owing to pregnancy and motherhood can follow in footsteps of these famous celebrity women who have successfully discarded extra fat in this crucial phase of life. As a matter of fact, these celebrity mothers adopted different weight loss regimes to get back into former shape.

A number of celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner lost pregnancy weight by switching to High protein and low carbohydrate diet. Such a diet comprises more of animal ad vegetable protein sources and lesser bread and pastas. It is also important that you include plenty of fruits in your diet during his phase. You will also have to avoid flour based sweet snacks like muffins and cakes for a long time.

Celebrity mothers like Uma Thurman and Denise Richards did not buy foods for themselves post motherhood. They relied on special food delivery services to ensure they get low calorie and low fat foods. Uma Thurman was able to shed as much as 25 pounds in less than 2 months after eating food provided by the agencies. However, such nutritious food delivery agencies are costly and not everyone can afford them.

Some women belonging to glamour world resorted to commercial weight loss programs to lose fat gained owing to motherhood. One such example is Jenny McCarthy. She opted for Weight Watchers. After losing nearly 80 pounds of a baby fat with the program she was very impressed and became their spokeswoman. This may take a long time but the effectiveness is unquestionable.

Celebrity mothers also resort to various exercise regimens to shed the excess weight they gain after pregnancy. Pop sensation Madonna and actress Gwyneth Paltrow relied on yoga to lose baby weight. Madonna resorted to Ashtanga Yoga and according to her this form of yoga helps her body look far younger than what it actually is.

However, not everyone may have enough time to do yoga or they may lack expertise in it. For those women, simply running for some time a day may be helpful for discarding baby fat. Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner benefitted from running vigorously which helped them in toning their bodies. However, you have to be consistent and eating healthy is also required.

Heidi Klum, the famous Victoria’s Secret supermodel set a precedent among Celeb moms by getting back into her pre pregnancy shape very fast. She resorted to various types of exercise and healthy diet for this. However, she thinks that breastfeeding itself helped her to lose a part of excess body fat during this period. This model also thinks spending time in activities like tree climbing, gardening and biking helps women in weight loss during this phase.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore believe that weight loss secret after motherhood lies basically in eating in controlled portions. Starving can produce opposite effect but eating every meal in controlled portions can help women in getting back in shape, albeit gradually.

You can resort to these methods for losing weight post motherhood. However, for a more effective way you can opt for HCG based diets. These hormonal weight loss plans have aided thousands of obese people.

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