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Snacks that can be included in your weight loss diet

Everyone likes to gorge on snacks at home or outside. It is quite natural to feel hungry in between large meals. However, people who are overweight tend to be a little skeptical regarding suitable foods they can have as snacks. They are always worried about putting on more weight and this affects their selection of snacks as well. The bottom-line is avoiding snacks that are laden with fat and calorie. It is a good idea to refrain from taking foods like cream based pastries, aerated soda and sugary candies as snacks when you get hungry.

Obese people should opt for snacks that are rich in protein and fiber. Protein provides human body with required energy to stay fit and it enhances metabolism for fat burning. There are many such foods you can take as snacks. A lot of people gorge on potato and other chips and cornflakes during hunger pangs. It is better if you avoid typical fat laden and flavored variants for both. If you make pop corns at home and have them without fatty cheese toppings, there is no harm. Similarly, you can have baked chips instead of fried and flavored variants as snacks.

Below listed are some low fat and healthy snacks obese people can have without worry.

Frozen Grapes– Grapes are nutritious, tasty and they contain low fat and calorie. They are also fiber rich and so eating grapes can make you feel full for longer. You can also freeze other fiber rich fruits like apple in freeze to have as snacks later.

Frozen Yogurt- some dairy products like yogurt can also be taken as snacks. You can buy non flavored and low fat yogurts and store them in freezer to use as snacks. Yogurt is tasty, nutritious and can be used with lots of foods. You can use frozen fruit slices and dip them in frozen yogurt for snacks.

Dark chocolate– There is a popular concept that eating chocolate can make you obese. However, medical studies conducted in recent years have indicated that flavanols found in dark chocolate can play a role in aiding weight loss. You can eat dark chocolates in moderations but avoid light colored variants as they usually are made with lots of sugar and caramel.

Nuts– Nuts can be used as low fat snacks by obese lot. Nuts are full of nutrients and they make you feel full for long time. However, make sure that you procure nuts in raw and organic form .Eating processed and artificially flavored nuts will not help you in losing excess flab. Almonds and brazil nuts fit the bill in this regard.

Low fat cake– While regular cakes are made with load of butter, creamy milk, sugar and artificial flavors, it is possible have low fat cakes as snacks to keep your weight in check. One such example is angel food cake and you can also find low fat cheesecakes with a little effort. It would be a good idea to bake cakes comprising of skimmed milk, organic sweeteners and eggs at home for this purpose.

You can also use plenty of vegetables and fruits as snacks. Dried fruits can also be used by fat people as snacks. However, obese individuals also need to adhere to proven weight loss plans to get a slimmer physique. While resorting to any crash diet would not be advisable, you can try proven alternatives like HCG based weight loss plans. These plans have given lasting results to several thousand obese individuals so far. At any rate, you can consult qualified doctors for knowing your suitability for these weight loss programs.

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