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Options for elderly obese persons to shed excess flab

Obesity affects a large part of human population worldwide and people from various age groups can get affected by it. However, for elderly people who are overweight, getting rid of excess body weight can prove to be tougher than others. For instance, many of them cannot exercise to discard excess weight owing to specific ailments and medical conditions. For many of them, sticking to various weight loss regimes may not be possible because of same reason. However, elderly obese individuals still can try some effective measures to lose extra weight without incurring risk.

Elderly obese persons need to keep a sharp eye on daily and weekly calorie intake to avoid putting on unwanted mass. To fulfill nutritional needs without consuming excess calorie they can try eating multiple servings of fiber enriched fruits and fresh vegetables. It is better to have organic produce as processed fruits often have preservatives and artificial sweeteners added to them. They need to be careful about not eating red meat and animal protein sources that contain unhealthy fats. Lean meat in moderation is what they should eat for protein intake.

Elderly overweight people should cut down drinks that contain fats and excess sugar. They can take fresh fruit juice instead. It is also necessary to monitor the amount of sodium in the foods they eat. They should drink water and fluids with health benefits such as green tea. Usually, elderly people tend to feel less thirsty and that is why they should drink enough water to keep their body well hydrated.

With age, metabolism in body tends to slow down and excess fat do not get burned, compared to young people. That is why obese elderly people should not skip having meals. When they skip meals, their metabolism level becomes really slow. It is ideal if they have meals at regular schedule every day to maintain a steady metabolism. Regular meal timings also help in reducing sudden hunger pangs and subsequent overeating and gorging on junk foods.

Like other weight loss aspirants, elderly obese people also need to eat foods that are rich in nutrient, fiber and low in calorie value. Vegetables like carrot, spinach, tomato and fish like tuna and salmon should be included in their weight loss diet. They should preferably take foods that are grilled and baked over deep fried ones. Eating whole grains and cereals are also ideal for their weight loss regime. Eating fiber rich food not only helps them in keeping body weight under control but it also helps in combating constipation, a problem many elderly people suffer from.

Like everyone else elderly obese persons also need snacks to munching between meals. For this purpose they can try low calorie frozen desserts dry fruits and soups. The idea is to keep stomach full without increasing calorie intake much.

Elderly and overweight people need some amount of activity to lose excess weight but the exercise they do should be done with caution. Elderly people with bone ailments and muscle problems should not start any exercise without medical supervision. For all of them, doing exercise using equipments may not be possible. They can try moderate exercises and jogging and brisk walking every day. This should be incorporated in a way in their daily regime that their other activities are not affected. They can also think of taking part in activities like gardening, golfing and walking dogs etc that do not require rigorous efforts but still help in calorie burning.

Depending on their age, elderly lot can seek relief from excess weight. They can seek medical advice on HCG based diets in this context.

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