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Meats you can include in your weight loss diet

Obesity is a health hazard that gives many people sleepless nights and they try all possible remedies to get rid of this menace. However, there is no miracle cure for this and majority of obese individuals try exercise and various types of weight loss diets to cope with excess weight. No matter which weight loss diet you adhere to, it is important that your body gets its daily dose of vital nutrients including minerals, vitamins and protein. Even when you are on a weight loss regime, taking proteins is required. Without protein intake, your body will not get the energy to burn excess fat.

Lean meat is said to be a good source of protein and it is ideal for overweight people. When you eat lean meat in your meals, your body gets required amount of protein but very little fat and this helps in fat burning process. However, it is important to eat lean meat variants in right quantities and the dishes should be prepared in right ways.

For ideal lean meat source, you can include dishes made of white meat chicken without skin in your meals. It is low fat and low calorie but offers good amount of protein. It can be prepared with various spices and seasonings so that you need not disappoint your taste buds. For enhancing the effect on your metabolism, you can add spices like black pepper and green chilly to this chicken meat.

Some variants of fish and sea fish are also good sources of protein. You can include them in your weight loss diet to get protein minus unhealthy fats and cholesterol. You should choose fish variants that contain Omega 3 fatty acids.

You should avoid those fat and calorie heavy hamburgers when you are aspiring for weight loss but surely you can eat lean beef dishes. You can choose from flank steaks and Sirloin steaks to constrain amount of fat in the dishes. You can add lean beef slices to sandwiches and have them with salads as well. When you cook it, stick to canola or olive oil rather than butter. Avoid using mayonnaise with sandwiches and use low fat cheese slices.

Turkey is loved by many people for its awesome taste but weight loss aspirants should avoid eating dark meat turkey. However, you can always eat white meat turkey for good intake of protein minus much fat and calorie. This can be cooked with vegetables like potato and onion and spices like pepper.

No matter which kind of lean meat you take, ensure it is fresh and not processed. As per USDA norms, lean meat variants should not contain more than 10 grams of fat in a 3 –oz pack. So, you need to read the label printed on meat packs carefully before making the purchase. You need to take precaution while preparing lean meat dishes to avoid fat intake as far as possible. Trim visible fat while preparing dishes and avoid methods like deep frying. Grilling and baking is always preferable for obese individuals.

As far as consuming poultry is concerned, obese individuals need to eat carefully. Turkey breast is ideal for them as is chicken breast compared to other body parts of these birds. However, you can also consume meat taken from chicken and turkey legs.

You can take lean meat to aid weight loss but it is even better if you choose a proven weight loss plan. There are many such weight loss regimes and you should select one with clinical track record of success. HCG based diets can be mentioned in this context as thousands of obese people have benefited from this diets.

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