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Learn to shed excess weight with leafy greens

Overweight people resort to a number of measures to get rid of excess weight but not all of them succeed in such efforts easily. Choosing right kind of food is important in weight loss regime. Just following crash diets or much touted weight loss plans do not yield any miracle. There is no denying importance of natural products in keeping body healthy and fit. Many health experts recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables to shed extra weight. In particular, eating leafy greens will help you in becoming slimmer.

Leafy green vegetables are replete with nutrition and they offer you great low fat alternative to several fats foods. You can use these vegetables in your meals in various forms. You can boil them to cook as side dishes to enjoy with meals. As an alternative, you can eat them raw with salads. The latter is ideal as cooking can destroy some nutrients in these vegetables. However, it is important that you eat such vegetables that are derived from organic farms to obtain weight loss and other health benefits. For variety, you can use them in sandwiches. They should be cooked with low fat oils and you should use natural spices and herbs to ad to taste.

Apart from weight loss benefits, eating dark leafy vegetable is good for your overall health. They contain vital nutrients including minerals like potassium, iron, calcium and a number of vitamins. These nutrients are required for maintaining regular body metabolism and immunity intact. When your daily nutritional needs are met, you feel energetic and your body can burn more calories. This also goes a long way in staying slim. If you are lactose intolerant, eating leafy vegetables can fulfill your calcium requirements well. Calcium is required for healthy bones and muscle functioning which is a prerequisite for exercise.

Diet experts always recommend fiber enriched foods to people who are obese and want to get rid of ugly layers of fat. Most leafy vegetables contain a good amount of fiber. Fiber aids digestion in your body and helps keeping your stomach full for long time. This also makes you feeling less hungry.

Spinach- For many people, spinach is associated with cartoon funnyman Popeye. However, this vegetable is a storehouse of vital nutrients and can surely be used in your weight loss diet. You can use it in various ways. When you eat a cup of spinach in raw form, you get only 10 calories but it contains a plethora of vitamins.

Kale- Some people may not have penchant for this vegetable owing to slightly bitter taste. However, you can use herbs and spices to cook it and obtain health benefits.

Rainbow Chard- This is easily identifiable owing to its mix of colors. These chards taste well and can be used in making a number of dishes.

Collard Greens- This vegetable can be used in soups. They tend to be thicker than other leafy vegetables. However, you can also use them in salads from time to time.

Lettuce variants- There are various kinds of lettuces that can be used for making weight loss meals. You can use iceberg, romaine as well as curly endive varieties for example. Dark lettuce variants are ideal for weight loss aspirants.

It is true that eating dark and leafy vegetables can aid you in losing weight. However, those obese persons who want lasting results minus side effects can opt for specialized weight loss plans. For instance, they can talk with doctors regarding their chances for following HCG based weight loss plans. These hormone driven weight loss plans have benefited many obese women and men.

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