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How to shake those ugly layers of fat in winter months

It is never too late to start a weight loss regime. However, you may find shaking off excess fat a difficult task especially if you try the plan in winter months. This is because in winter people tend to gorge on creamy, fat rich delights like cake, pastries and puddings. Besides, there are occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving that come replete with calorie rich food. However, that does not mean you cannot succeed in your weight loss aspiration during winter.

It may not be possible to skip eating sweet and fat rich dishes in winter totally. However, you can still ensure that amount of fat intake is on small level. For instance, you can use organic honey instead of sugar for making cookies, pastries and other yummy treats at home. This will ensure you consume fewer calories than what comes from artificial flavored snacks you buy from stores and malls.

You can eat hot soups and broths in winter months to keep your body metabolism high. It is a good idea to use thermogenic spices and herbs like black pepper and ginger in soups to help your body burn fat faster. You can have soups before meals to satiate hunger to an extent. This will ensure you eat less than usual amount. If you make this a habit then your daily calorie consumption will also go down helping weight loss process.

A good way to lose weight in winter months is controlling the portions taken in day or night. It would be a good idea to include majority of foods that contain zero or low fat and fiber rich foods. Try to avoid eating fat rich protein sources like red meat. Gradually increase the amount of vegetable protein sources in your meal.

Between major meals you may feel hungry. However, it is important that you choose your snacks wisely. Instead of gorging on chips and fat rich sandwiches, try to keep dry fruits and homemade sandwiches to beat those pangs of hunger. You can also carry fruits like Apple with you that are rich in fiber and offers several nutritional benefits.

With a little innovative nature, you can make some of the most widely eat dishes more nutritious and suitable for weight loss. For example, you can include boneless fish filet or chicken slices in sandwiches made at home. This way you can ensure your protein intake is met but additional calorie is not consumed. Do not use fat rich sauce, mayonnaise or cheese in sandwiches and burgers. Instead use low fat dairy products and mustard. You can also use cottage cheese to keep calorie count under control with some foods.

In winter, you can work out more without feeling worn out and so utilize the chance. If you find the idea of working out boring, ask your friends to join you. Even running and walking some distance everyday will contribute to your weight loss mission in these chilly months. If it is very cold outside, try doing free hand exercise inside home.

You also need to get rid of mindless eating habits, resist the temptation of taking a bowl of popcorn whenever you watch a movie at home. Try to share from same bowl with your kids or spouse. Avoid using butter, creamy cheese and similar calorie rich toppings on popcorn as well.

While these measures may help you in losing excess weight in winter, you can try something more effective. There are several obese persons who got rid of excess fat after trying HCG based diets. You can consult diet experts and veteran doctors for your suitability for these weight loss plans.

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