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How newlywed women can avoid excess weight gain

Marriage means beginning of a new chapter in life for a woman and it also paves way for various positive developments. However, owing to lack of precautions and indulgent eating post wedding, a lot of women put on excess weight. This may not be good for you particularly after tying the knot. There are some effective ways following which newlywed women can get rid of excess body weight and discard the excess mass they have already put on.

Some women think they should eat same portion of foods as their husbands but this is wrong. Metabolism n male and female body tends to be different. Women can do with lesser calories than men of their age, in general. It would be good if newlywed women can get a diet chart prepared by dieticians to understand what amount of foods should be ideal for their metabolism level. This will save them from getting obese untimely.

It is important not to indulge in snacks even when you are enjoying weekend outings with your husband. A lot of women let go of all their healthy eating habits during weekend movie trips ad outings and these extra calories pile up. To get rid of this menace, practice carrying healthy snacks and eatables with you when you go for movies and shopping with your spouse. It would be a good idea to keep a pouch or box full of dried fruits and baked chips for occasional hunger pangs.

A lot of women end up consuming extra calories and fat while enjoying movies and soaps with their family members in weekends and leisure hours. Unknowingly, they turn them into proverbial couch potatoes. To avoid in taking extra calories during TV shows, incorporate some small but essential changes. For example, you can make pop corns at home. Try the low fat variants and avoid the temptation of using cheese as topping. It would be a good idea to share a bowl with your spouse during these hours to ensure both of you do not intake extra fat.

It is very important that you work out regularly to keep excess weight away. However, for working women finding out time for exercise may be rather difficult. You can try joint workout session with your spouse to make things easier and interesting for both of you. You can also do swimming and hit gyms together during weekends. It would also be beneficial to take brisk walking sessions or jogging at evening.

To avoid putting on more weight after wedding, women also need to keep a tab on alcohol intake. Drinking in moderation is not harmful but those with a penchant for liquor should limit their consumption. You can also resort to effective fat fighting methods after tying the knot. Including low fat protein and dairy products in meals is a good idea. You can also take water or fruit juice before meals to limit the amount of food you eat during dinners and lunches.

However, if you find that despite your best efforts you just cannot stop putting on excess weight post marriage, seek professional help. You may opt for specialized diet plans to shed fat. There are many diet pans meant for women. However, the downside of these diet plans is that they may induce adverse effects.

If you want to get rid of excess weight gained after marriage, there are some proven alternative weight loss measures. A number of women have found relief from obesity through HCG based weight loss programs. You need to discuss with qualified doctors to know whether you are fit for undergoing these treatments.

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