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Appetizers you can eat while adhering to a weight loss plan

Obese people often undergo dilemma regarding what kind of food they should eat and this is not limited only to lunch and dinners. A lot of them feel skeptical about eating specific snacks and small dishes between meals for the fear of getting fat. However, like every other person it is natural for you to feel hungry in between meals no matter what your waistline is. Obese individuals can resort to some healthy and low fat appetizers before having meals at home or outside. These healthy dishes will satiate their taste buds but will not add to the weight much.

Low fat appetizers need not necessarily be bland and without spices. Since appetizers are meant to be taken before main course, they are usually served in small amounts and this is ideal for people aspiring to lose excess weight. By taking healthy and low fat appetizers before dinner or lunch, you can fulfill your hunger to an extent which will make you eat less in main course. This is also beneficial for your weight loss regime.

Soups– Soups can serve as excellent appetizers for obese and other people. However, it is important that you take soups prepared without lots of cream and fatty ingredients. Both vegetable and non vegetarian soups can be used in this context. To make the soups taste better, you can add spices like pepper and chilly with it. You can also use boneless chicken shredded in small pieces to make it healthier and tastier.

Salads– While many obese people prefer eating salads with meals, it is also okay if you use salads as healthy and low fat appetizer. You can have salads comprising of fruits and vegetables and both if you want. It is okay to add herbs and spices to salads to enhance the state. You can add lemon, chilly or pepper to salads but avoid using mayonnaise as it can add to the calorie value. For the same reason, refrain from using fat laden cheese variants. Occasionally, low fat animal meat like chicken or turkey can be used with salads.

Eggs– Eggs can be taken as nutritious and healthy appetizers before meals by obese people. Eggs do not contain excess calorie but offer your body with adequate amounts of protein and iron. Even when you are trying to lose excess flab, protein is needed by your body to enhance metabolism. However, it is better to have boiled eggs rather than fried for appetizers.

Zucchini Sticks- A lot of people prefer Zucchini sticks as appetizers. If you are on a weight loss mission, you can use these too but ensure you prepare them in the right way. It is better if you bake them instead of preparing through deep frying. Use olive oil to make the calorie count low. These can be served with low fat marinara sauce.

Dipped Strawberries– Strawberries are liked by a lot of people and even the obese lot can eat them without worry. You can use strawberries to make appetizers. For this you need low calorie chocolate. Melt the chocolate in microwave or oven and dip the strawberries in it. Thereafter, refrigerate the fruits for some time so that the coating of chocolate becomes crispy.

Other options- there are many other options you can use as healthy appetizers. Various kinds of nuts can be used in this context. You can also use frozen fruit cubes with low fat yogurt to make excellent low fat appetizers.

To shed weight effectively, altering the meals is not adequate. You can resort to proven weight loss plans like HCG based diets. These hormone based weight loss plans have become really popular nowadays.

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