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Using Essential Oils to fight excess weight

It is impossible to find any nation on planet Earth whose population has not been affected by obesity. This is considered as one of the most pressing health conditions that affect a large part of global human population. It is caused by factors like lifestyle, eating habits, heredity and many others. Obesity not only affects a person’s physical appearance adversely but it also paves way for several deadly ailments. To get rid of excess body fat, obese individuals try various things. Some weight loss measures can be effective but they can also cause side effects. There is nothing like a universal cure for obesity. However, the majority of health experts recommend an active lifestyle along with a balanced diet to keep obesity under control.

However, you can always try additional measures to quicken the process of weight loss. Some people opt for weight loss through natural supplements and yoga. Some other obese individuals try alternative weight loss methods like aromatherapy. Despite the disputes and conflicting opinions that exist regarding the suitability of aromatherapy to aid weight loss, recent studies and researches indicate that using essential oils cam aid the weight loss measures to an extent. You can assimilate use of essential oils to make your weight loss program more effective. However, before that you should know about facts and benefits of these essential oils.

Essential oils like grapefruit, bergamot and peppermint can leave a positive impact on your weight loss efforts. However, using these oils alone will not cause any miracle and you will have to adhere to a healthy diet and do mild exercises to obtain benefits.  It has been found in researches that essential oils can enhance mood and infuse human body with vigor. So, when you use them you stay motivated and have plenty of energy to stick to your weight loss regime.

There are various types of essential oils and you can keep 3 or 4 types at home. The aroma of essential oils works well to suppress appetite and this in turn inhibits the amount of food you take throughout the day. As a result, your calorie intake gets diminished and fat deposit takes a nosedive. This coupled with exercise results in a slimmer physique. Various studies, including one carried by Dr. Alan Hirsch has indicated that obese individuals feel less appetite when they use aromatic oils like peppermint and vanilla. To obtain good results from essential oils, you should smell them when hunger pangs make their presence felt. At times, massaging these oils on body parts like belly can also have positive impacts on an individual.

Every individual may have a penchant for certain aromas and this can definitely affect their choice of essential oils.  However, here the goal is trying the oil that reduces the temptation to eat the most. However, when it comes to inhaling essential oils for controlling hunger pangs, you should be a little cautious. Some essential oils can have an overpowering scent and they can be too strong for your nostrils. People, who suffer from migraines occasionally, should be careful about using any essential oils as well. Migraine can be triggered by strong scents, too. There are some essential oils that are good for fat reduction since they help in fat melting and reducing retention of fluids.

Below discussed are some popular essential oils that you can include in your weight loss program-

Bergamot– Bergamot is known for its impact on stress level. It helps you combat mental stress and this is good for obese people as stress is one of the factors that trigger overeating.  Bergamot stimulates human endocrine system and generates a feeling of calmness. You can add a small amount of bergamot oil to a piece of cloth or handkerchief and inhale it thereafter.

Peppermint– Peppermint can aid digestion and also helps in soothing upset stomach. As per the research done by Dr. Alan Hirsch, it controls appetite by sending a signal of satiety to brain. This makes an individual feel that his stomach is not empty. You can either inhale this essential oil before taking meals or can drop it in water and drink it.

Grapefruit– Grapefruit essential oil is ideal for obese individuals because it plays a role in reducing retention of water. Grapefruit oil has a compound called limonene and this aids in releasing fatty acids in bloodstream. Thereafter, they are broken and get converted to energy. Grapefruit oil also works as a suitable appetite suppressant. Besides, this essential oil also has diuretic and detoxifying by nature. It is often used in reducing cellulite formation in human body owing to its fat dissolving attributes.  You can inhale this oil or also use it for body massage at times.

Sandalwood – sandal wood has a number of healing properties and using sandalwood oil can help your body in many ways. It is used as an astringent, skin soothing agent and sedative. However, it is useful for people who aspire to lose excess weight. This is because sandalwood can affect human brain’s capability to resist craving and temptations. It also helps in stress alleviation and reduces the temptation to gorge on food every now and then. It can be inhaled or even massaged on your body.

Lemon– Lemon has several beneficial properties for human body and it is ideal for obese individuals owing to its capability to enhance body metabolism. It is imbued with limonene which aids fatty acid dissolution in bloodstream. Apart from that, this compound also helps immune function and micro circulation. Besides Lemon also has detoxifying and astringent properties. Lemon essential oil can be used to aid the body’s detoxification process. You can also apply it on body parts like buttock, belly and thighs to help fat dissolution and skin tightening.

Tangerine– Tangerine essential oil is also used in weight loss. You can use this citrus based essential oil to control cellulite deposit and formation, tone up skin, and reduce stretch marks. It also controls elevated stress levels and regulates metabolism to aid fat burning. However, like other essential oils, you should avoid sun exposure for some time after using it topically.  You can also mix tangerine essential oil with other variants like bergamot or lavender essential oil for application.

Rose geranium– This is a powerful essential oil with a strong aroma and mood enhancing attributes. Research has shown that this essential oil helps in reducing fluid retention, balancing hormonal anomalies and diminishing cellulite retention in human body. Rose geranium oil is also good for your skin and it works as a toxin flushing agent and skin healing compound. The FDA has given it GRAS rating which indicates it is safe for use.

Ocotea– It is one of the lesser known essential oils but recent studies have indicated that it is suitable for weight loss aspirants. It offers a number of health benefits for adults. Using Ocotea can help in regulating blood sugar levels and controlling food cravings. This oil also helps in normalizing liver secretions and balancing metabolism levels.  This has a cinnamon like flavor and aroma.  It can also be added to coconut and lemon oil for massaging into body. It can also be ingested after mixing with water to control food craving and restrict blood sugar levels.


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