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Top drinks that can aid in weight loss

Obesity is a major health problem millions of adults suffer from worldwide and there are numerous methods available to fight this problem. However, there is no miracle solution to battle obesity and the same weight loss method does not work for every fat individual. Besides, some weight loss products and measures can lead to adverse effects on people at times. Therefore, it is prudent that you opt for a weight loss solution that is suitable for you. The food that you eat also plays a role in losing and retaining weight and the same is applicable for drinks also. You may be amazed to know how certain drinks can help you in cutting body flab quickly. However, you need to choose the right kind of diet for losing weight at the same time. Doing moderate exercise will help your body in burning extra calories and lose excess flab effectively.

Water – While it may sound a little mundane to some people, drinking water can really help you in getting rid of obesity faster. A number of popular weight loss diets involve drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. A lot of diet experts suggest that people willing to lose weight should drink a glass of water before every big meal. This will help them in eating little less than what they would have eaten otherwise. When you drink cold water, the body works to warm it up and in the process it burns more calories. By taking 8-9 glasses of cold water, an individual can burn up to 250 calories per day.

Milk– Contrary to what many people think, drinking milk will not make you obese. Of course, you need to drink the right kind of milk. You can make smoothies with low fat milk. However, you cannot dink milk if you are lactose intolerant. Same benefit can be derived from low fat yoghurt. You can add yogurt based smoothies in your diet to get more calcium and stay lean at the same time. You can find various types of low fat milk in market these days and for losing weight, it is important to pick the low fat and skimmed varieties. It would be the best if you buy a variant that does not contain artificial flavor nad any sweetening agent.  According to the existing quantity of saturated fat, packaged milk is classified as skim milk, reduced fat milk and whole milk. Drinking low fat milk helps you in getting leaner body and also keeps possibilities of certain ailments at bay.

Contrary to popular perceptions, chocolate milk can actually help you in shedding weight. However, you need to ensure that you drink it in moderation as chocolate contains affair amount of sugar.

Green Tea– Drinking green tea is beneficial for your health and also the waistline! You should not use milk while preparing green tea variants to obtain the health and weight loss benefits. However, you can take it cold and add some ice cubes for that purpose. To shake excess weight, you need to adopt healthy lifestyle habits along with drinking green tea. Green tea contains polyphenols, an ingredient that accelerates weight loss process in your body. These burn the triglyceride deposits which may lead to fat accumulation. Studies have indicated that polyphenols contain a substance called EGCG that accelerates human metabolism.  Hence, Green tea can speed up weight loss by hiking the metabolic rate which benefits in turn from exercising. Green tea also boosts the stamina level of an individual which translates into the fact that he or she can work out for longer durations, resulting in more calorie burning and resultant weight loss. However, you need to ensure that you are using quality green tea. Many brands sell aromatic and flavored versions of green tea that may taste great but offer less health advantages to users.

Fruit juice– While some fruits contain fiber which is effective for weight loss, drinking fruit juice can also benefit you in this regard. However, you need to ensure that you are drinking the rigid kind of fruit juice. Drinking artificial fruit flavored drinks and drinks with sweetness will not give you much benefit in this regard. As it has been seen, processed fruit juices do not contain fruit pulp. They also contain excess sugar which can actually be counterproductive for your weight loss goals. You can also try taking vegetable juices instead of fruit juices for attaining a slim figure. You can also drink a glass of vegetable of natural fruit juice half an hour before taking lunch or dinner. This will lessen your appetite to an extent and you will end up eating little less, resulting in less calorie intake per meal. You can use a number of vegetables for making fruit juices including cucumber, carrots, beetroot and asparagus for making juices. Drinking these juices will provide your body with much needed nutrients and at the same time will ensure that your calorie intake stays within limit. You can add spices like garlic powder and pepper to vegetable juices to make them spicier and tastier. Doing so will hasten up the fat dissolution process in body fueled by enhanced metabolism.

Coconut water– Coconut water is a natural gift you can use for getting loads of nutrients and losing weight. Coconut water is rich in nutrients like vitamin B. It also contains a natural variant of glucose. This gets into bloodstream easily and reduces craving for sweet foods to an extent. Coconut water is diuretic and so it aids in flushing out toxins from your body. These toxins, when accumulated can result in unexpected weight gain. Drinking coconut water is far better than consuming soda and sweet juices. Those who suffer from thyroid gland problems and cannot use some weight loss measures because of that, drinking coconut water can help them.

Soy Milk- If you are not comfortable with drinking milk and dairy products, it is time you try soy milk for nutrition and weight loss at the same time. It is ideal for people with lactose intolerance. It does not contain any cholesterol and little amount of fat. The calories in soy milk are derived from fat to an extent but these are healthy unsaturated fats needed by your body. Unsaturated fat intake leads to better weight management and better cardiovascular health in individuals.

Lemonade- Drinking lemonade and lemon juice can help you in shedding weight fast. You can also add maple syrup to lemon juice to make it taste better. It also helps in digestion process.

Wulong Tea- Wulong tea also known as oolong tea has its origins in China.  It has proven fat burning properties. It can be compared to green tea when it comes to number of health benefits. However, owing to the way it is harvested, it has a brown hue. It also has a woodier flavor owing to this oxidation process. Apart from boosting immune system and improving skin texture, Wulong tea is known for its role in weight loss. It has polyphenols that kick start thermogenesis in human body. This, in turn, results in better fat burning in body. It is almost doubly effective in burning calories than conventional green tea, as studies have shown.

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