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Top diet plans for weight loss

For losing excess weight people can go to any length nowadays. Obesity troubles a huge number of people and they try various methods to get rid of it for good. Some people try to kick off that ugly flab from their body by exercising. Some others try changing their diet and resort to weight loss supplements. However, not all weight loss methods can work the same way for obese people. A lot of doctors and health experts recommend choosing the right kind of diet and couple it with moderate exercise to lose weight effectively and safely. However, finding the right diet for weight loss can be challenging for you. There are so many weight loss diet pans available and the variety can leave you dazed. Therefore, it is better that you know the details about popular weight loss diets. This way you can understand which weight loss diet is suitable for you and can fit your lifestyle and needs better.

Vegetarian weight loss diet

Switching to a vegetarian diet is not only good for controlling obesity but it can also help you in many other ways. A lot of health complications can be mitigated when you adhere to a vegetarian diet. As a matter of fact, medical studies have shown that people who follow a vegetarian diet end up consuming less calorie and fat than others. However, they do not get fewer nutrients for not consuming animal meant. However, you need to pick the right kind of vegetables to shed weight and get the required nutrition, say diet experts.

A lot of things depend on cooking method as far as weight loss is concerned. Those sticking to a vegetarian diet should eat vegetables that are not cooked too spicily or absorbed in oil. Frying should be avoided as far as possible. You can find some excellent resources on web for making vegetable dishes that ensure you get nutrients and stay away from unnecessary calories.

Vegan weight loss diet

A vegan weight loss diet may resemble a vegetarian diet but in reality it surpasses the latter. It is not uncommon to see some vegetarians taking eggs and dairy products in their meals. However, vegans strictly avoid any animal by product including milk. A vegan weight loss diet is comprised mostly of vegetables and legumes which are low in calorie but offer great nutrition. When you follow a vegan diet for weight loss, your meal is made of fiber rich foods like fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Therefore, you will not flee hunger pangs or suffer from lack of proteins and vitamins while adhering to such a diet for losing excess flab.

One big advantage of a vegan diet is that it helps you avoid taking excess animal fats and cholesterol. Often animal protein sources are imbued with unhealthy fats. This is not the case with soy protein or other vegetarian sources of protein.  To add taste to vegan dishes, you can use spices and herbs that do not have any fat content. Try to use less amounts of oil while cooking vegan dishes.

To get your dose of protein while adhering to a vegan weight loss diet, eat plenty of tofu, soy and nuts. However, you need to check the fat content in meat replacement vegan dishes. Take your meals in small portions instead of eating lot thrice a day as it will help you in staving off weight. To gain from a vegan diet for combating obesity, include organic vegetables, fruits and soy products in your meal. You also need to ensure that your body is getting its dose of healthy fat. For this you can cook foods in sunflower oil and olive oil.

Fruit diet for combating obesity

Among various popular diets for losing weight, fruit based diets deserve a mention. These diets can be helpful for shedding excess weight fast but not every obese individual can try them.  Fruits contain more fiber and fewer calories compared to other foods. The water content as well as fiber in fruits also helps the body to flush out toxins which can otherwise result in fat accumulation. This is why a number of weight loss diet plans include a liberal amount of fruits.

However, you should not stick to a fruit based diet for more than a few days. You can also combine animal protein sources with fruits. For getting the required amount of healthy fats, eat raw almonds and sprinkle olive oil on food. You can eat seasonal fruits and those that are available all round the year. While following a fruit based diet, you should refrain from alcohol, smoking and fatty foods to obtain the maximum benefit. To resist occasional hunger pangs when you are on a fruit only diet, drink plenty of water and fruit juice. This will further aid in throwing away toxins and fats from your body.

Fruit based weight loss diets should not be followed for long time. In any case, it should not be continued for more than two weeks. You should talk with a doctor before starting such a diet. People suffering from specific ailments like diabetes and hypoglycemia should be cautious about resorting to such diet.

Liquid based weight loss diet

To lose excess body fat quickly, a number of obese individuals resort to liquid based diets.  However, these diets cannot be followed for a long time simply because human body needs solid foods. In most instances, such diets should be tried for 1 week to 10/12days. You can drink fruit juices during such diet and mix fruits like oranges, lemon and apple. Apart from fruit juices, drink green tea and plenty of water to supply your body the required nutrition.

You can also eat broth based soups consisting of animal proteins and dairy products. You can use boneless fish portions in the soups as well. To get a wholesome meal, add finely chopped vegetables like celery and spinach to the soups. However, refrain from adding butter, sugar and high fat cheese to the soup while you are on this diet. Those who do not eat animal meat can consider taking multivitamin supplements whole following a liquid based diet for weight loss.

Diet based on milk and dairy products for weight loss

Before low fat and skimmed milk and dairy products were available, weight loss aspirants were particular about cutting off milk related products from their meals. However, the truth is you will benefit from including dairy products like yoghurt, cheese and milk in your meals. These are rich in nutrients and can aid weight loss process when eaten in proper proportions and ways.

You can find out milk and dairy products that are low in calorie and fat content from their packaging. The benefit of these low fat dairy products is that they give you good amount of nutrients like vitamins and calcium but contain less fat. Diet experts think that the calcium found in milk and dairy products actually contribute to weight loss by breaking down fat deposits in human body. You can start incorporating semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk and yoghurts with low fat content in your meals. It is also prudent to have low fat hard cheddar cheese in your diet for weight loss.


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