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Tips for vegetarians to lose excess weight without hassles

Tackling excess weight has turned out to be a large scale health problem for millions of people across the globe. Dependence on junk food and lack of exercise in a stress ridden life has played a role in a drastic rise in number of obese individuals in all countries. Obese persons try a number of weight loss measures to lose weight. However, all weight loss measures are not effective for people with varying lifestyle and eating patterns. On an average, vegetarian can shed weight easily as they put on less weight compared to those who consume animal meat and parts. However, vegetarians also need to choose foods cautiously for shedding excess weight.

To shed weight without hassles, vegetarians need to consume fruits and vegetables that are imbue din fiber and water rather than calories. These fruits will help you in staying fit and you will feel less hungry in between meals.  It is a good idea to eat bean dishes.  Beans are fiber rich and they also supply human body with protein. Eating protein enriched foods is necessary in weight loss regimes. Similarly, soy based foods, whole grains and cereals are also ideal for vegetarian who want to lose excess body mass.

Breakfast tips for vegetarians on diet

For breakfast, smoothies can be ideal for those on a weight loss regime. You can make smoothies with low fat yogurt, fiber rich fruits. Refrain from using calorie and fat rich dairy products. If you like eating sandwiches, try using low fat butter and cheese. It would be a good idea to avoid using mayonnaise in sandwiches or snacks. For a healthy and low calorie breakfast, vegetarian can also opt for oat meal with fruit slices. Oatmeals are nutrient and fiber rich and contain low calorie value. To add taste to sandwiches, salads in breakfast you can add spices and herbs including chilly, black pepper and garlic. These aid weight loss and digestion process. You can have fruit juice. However, ensure that fruit juice does not contain artificial sweeteners and added flavors. It is ideal if you can make fresh fruit juice at home.

Lunch ideas for obese vegetarians

In lunch, vegetarians can combine leafy green vegetables with soy based products. Low fat milk and dairy products can also be used. Those who eat sandwiches in lunch should refrain from adding excess butter and sauce to them.  It is a good idea to have fruit salads with lunch that will keep you filled for a long time.

Dinner tips for overweight vegetarians

Vegetarians on a weight loss diet should include low calorie vegetables in dinner. It would be a good idea to have beans and rice in dinner along with veg side dishes. A lot of vegetarians also prefer tofu dishes. A dessert made of low calorie milk and fruit toppings can be added to dinner.

Type of snacks that suit vegetarians on weight loss mission

It is quite natural that you may feel like munching on something in between meals. This can happen in afternoon and evenings in particular. However, when you want to shed weight it is important to select snacks with caution. You can keep some fruits nearby including Apples and berries of various types to satiate sudden hunger attacks. It is also ideal to keep raw and unprocessed nuts that you can eat during these times. Avoid having caffeine based products and aerated drinks at all costs to control weight.

Apart from eating healthy and low fat foods, vegetarians can think of trying proven weight loss plans for shedding excess flab. They can opt for HCG diet plans in this regard.

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