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Spices and herbs that help you in losing excess weight

Nobody loves to have a protruding belly and shedding excess flab is something every obese person thinks of. However, not all obesity fighting measures tend to bring good and lasting results to the obese lot. People gain excess weight owing to a plethora of reasons and discarding the excess weight can be really difficult at times. A number of overweight people cannot exercise owing to existing ailments and hectic lifestyle. Weight loss diets are there in abundance but some of them can cause serious side effects. In other words, there is no universal miracle cure for obesity. However, you can definitely shed excess weight by incorporating low calorie food and ingredients in your meals everyday. An active lifestyle, coupled with fresh and healthy, low calorie food will help you in getting rid of fat cells in your body. There are some commonplace spices and herbs you can try for fighting obesity effectively. All these spices and herbs are quite cheap and easily available.

The best thing about including these herbs and spices in your meal is that they will not let excess fat accumulate in your body. Apart from that, all of these spices have some beneficial properties for human body. They are good for your immune system and overall health, apart from fat fighting qualities.

Cinnamon– You may be aware of the fact that adding cinnamon to food and beverages make them aromatic and taste good but there are other benefits that you can derive from this well known spice. Cinnamon has proven attributes that help blood sugar modulation in human body. It also aids the body in processing carbohydrates. You can also add cinnamon to several diet foods and drinks including green tea. You need to take less than 1 spoon of cinnamon to lower your cholesterol level, studies have shown.  Apart from its role in speeding up sugar metabolism in human body, Cinnamon can also act as a hunger pang suppressant. Therefore, by taking cinnamon in your meals you can reduce those hunger pangs which tempt you to gorge on snacks and high calorie foods.

Eating cinnamon will help in proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It effectively normalizes digestion and helps in assimilation of essential nutrients. It also speeds up the process of toxin disposal from your body.  Therefore, Cinnamon not only helps in burning fat but it also offers numerous health benefits simultaneously. Cinnamon is widely available in markets and stores. It can be found in solid form and powder formation. To preserve its aromatic quality, it needs to be kept in air tight container.

Cinnamon can be used in conjunction with some low calorie and nutrient rich food. It can be mixed with low calorie yoghurt and you can have the mix in breakfast. You can also use cinnamon with honey for losing weight without risk of side effects. You should use quality cinnamon for getting best results in terms of weight loss and nutrition.  Vietnamese cinnamon tastes great and you can find it bin general stores.

Cardamom– Cardamom is another widely used herb that is used in kitchen frequently for making dishes yummy. It helps in increasing body metabolism and burning fat. Cardamom also plays a pivotal role in easing the digestion process and helps stomach. It can be added to herbal tea to enhance the flavor and taste.

Cayenne Pepper– Cayenne pepper, used in making a number of yummy and spicy dishes, speeds up metabolism in human body. It contains capsaicin which lends it unique spicy taste. It is known for thermogenic effect on human body.  Eating this pepper can make your body temperature escalate which in turn enhances digestion and metabolism.

Cloves– Clove is widely used spice with a number of health benefits to its credit. It is used in dishes that require baking and grilling. Clove is also used to add flavor to meat dishes. It helps in enhancing body metabolism thus aiding in fat burning.

Cumin– Cumin is a popular spice that is used to make spicy Asian delicacies. It is available both on powder and solid form. Eating cumin mixed food raises your body temperature which speeds up metabolic rate. It also tastes great when used in conjunction with other spices like pepper, turmeric and ginger. Cumin also helps improve digestion and absorption of nutrients present in foods. This helps in prevention of excess fat accumulation in your body. On an average, eating cumin made food can shot up your body’s ability to burn fat. It helps in discarding body toxins faster which also helps in fat accumulation prevention. Cumin does not have major side effects and foods made with cumin can be eaten by people from various age groups without problems.

Mustard– Mustard is used in Asian style cooking. It can be used as an excellent condiment and as a substitute of mayonnaise in sandwiches and similar snacks. Mustard is low calorie but contains a liberal amount of sodium. There are some variants of mustard and regular mustard is the one with least amount of calories.  You can also cook and spice up foods with Dijon mustard and yellow mustard. You can make your diet food spicy with mustard without fearing about taking in more calories.

Ginger– Like peppers, ginger is an herb that is known for its thermogenic attributes. It is used widely in Asian cuisine. You can also add ginger to green tea and herbal tea to enhance taste and flavor. You can also add ginger to low calorie soup and broths to enhance their benefits. Ginger is available everywhere and it is really cheap. You can even grow it in your garden without much effort.

Ginger is also good for human digestive system. It rectifies digestive system anomalies and as a result affects cholesterol levels and BMI of individuals positively. High cholesterol level is often blamed for excess weight in adult men and women. Ginger inhibits buildup of bad cholesterol in body. It actually slows down absorption of cholesterol in body and converts it to bile acids.

Garlic– Garlic is a widely used herb that is used in cooking and also for treating certain ailments. It detoxifies human body and helps in checking cholesterol level. Apart from lowering blood pressure, fighting cardiac ailments, garlic also aids in fat burning process. Garlic contains a compound named allicin that is useful for appetite suppression. Therefore, when you consume garlic or food made with this herb you are less likely to suffer from sudden hunger pangs. This reduces your chances of gorging on unhealthy and fatty foods. Apart from this, garlic also helps in enhancing body metabolism. With enhanced metabolism, your body becomes better equipped to burn calorie and shed excess weight.

While these herbs and spices have properties that can help in fat burning, just eating them may not help you in shedding fat. These spices need to be used with right kind of low calorie foods and you need to take them in required amounts. Apart from that, you need to lead an active lifestyle and check your intake of calorie rich and fatty foods. One major benefit of including these spices in your weight loss diet is that you need not worry about any adverse effects.

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