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Some effective eating habits and lifestyle changes you can adopt for losing weight

Obesity is rated among the topmost health hazards that affect millions of individuals worldwide. Overweight individual leave no stone unturned to get rid of this menace but not all weight reduction measures can be equally beneficial. A huge number of overweight men and women cannot exercise because they suffer from certain ailments. For some others, lack of time is the biggest constraint behind not working out regularly. As far as the weight loss diets are concerned, not everyone can adhere to them owing to lifestyle and work related limitations. Besides, some of these special diets may not be suitable for obese individuals afflicted with specific physical ailments.

However, if you want to get rid of excess body fat and feel depressed as you cannot take these measures, be aware that there are ways. Overweight people can gradually lose weight by adopting some healthy eating habits and making some vital lifestyle changes. These measures will not bring any miracle but if you stick to them, within a month or two, differences can be noticed.

Drink water before taking meals– While it may sound very simple, drinking a glass of water before lunch or dinner can actually help you in losing weight, albeit gradually! When you take a glass of water or fruit juice an hour before meal, it makes you feeling less hungry than usual. As a result, you end up eating a little less than usual in your meals. This ensures you get fewer calories in each meal. When you make this a habit, daily calorie intake gets reduced and this helps your body in burning fat faster.

Stick to natural foods as far as possible– This is a basic aspect of staying healthy and losing weight that many people simply do not consider. It is widely known that eating leafy vegetables, fruits and herbs help your body in burning fat and getting required nutrition simultaneously. However, you get the maximum nutritional benefits from fruits, vegetables and animal meat when you consume them in their natural forms. For instance, you can have spinach or broccoli in your meals to lose weight but unless it is the organic variety you do not gain much! Always opt for organic fruits and vegetables instead of processed and canned ones. Canned vegetable and fruits are often soaked in syrup that can contain excess calorie. Same can be said about processed meat and fish. When you have no other option than eating canned fish or meat, check the calorie value printed on the container.

Use spices in food that are thermogenic– Not many people are well informed about the weight loss benefits of commonly used spices and herbs. Many of you may have these in your garden or see them every day in market but do not know how vital they are for a weight loss diet. Ginger and garlic, for example, contain many health benefits and they have proven ailment fighting properties. They also help in enhancing body metabolism which in turn aids in fat dissolution. Same can be said about commonplace spices like cumin, mustard and cayenne pepper. These spices are thermogenic in nature and they accelerate fat burning capabilities of human body and also aid digestion process. You can add these spices in food and can also have them with tea.

Eat the right kind of fish– Fish are preferred by millions for their health benefits. However, eating certain type of fish can also help you in fighting obesity and getting nutrition. You should eat fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel and others that are rich in nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids. This compound helps your skin, eyes and cells immensely. It also enhances body metabolism to a great extent. However, you can also consider eating sardines as they do not contain pollutant compounds like mercury. To get utmost benefit from fish, cook it through baking or grilling. Deep frying in oil can destroy the nutrition value of fish to an extent.

Use low calorie foods to answer sudden hunger pangs– It is quite common to feel those sudden hunger pangs even after you take your meals. It can happen at workplace or home, any time. Most people, including obese ones, tend to gorge on fast foods or easily available snacks to satiate those occasional cravings. However, you need to change this habit to beat obesity effectively.  When you feel hungry at late night or in between meals, try eating low calorie foods instead of those tempting burgers and mayonnaise rich sandwiches. Apples and fiber rich fruits are very much suitable for this purpose. You can also have foods like oatmeal and various kinds of raw and unprocessed nuts. Brazil nuts and peanuts are ideal for this but ensure that you do not buy the salted or flavored varieties.

Say no to high calorie aerated drinks– To shed off those unwanted layers of fat from your body, you need to be mindful about what drinks you consume along with foods! Colas and any kind of aerated drinks should be avoided at all costs if weight loss in your objective. It may not be possible to carry water everywhere but ensure that you drink healthy and low calorie fluids. You can drink coconut water and milkshakes made of skimmed and low calorie milk. You can also drink green tea and add ginger and lemon to enhance its weight loss benefit when possible. Green tea is recommended by many diet experts for obese individuals. Having fruit juice is good but you should ensure that they are made of fresh fruit and fruit pulp. Fruit juices with artificial sweeteners and flavors will not do much good for your weight loss agenda.

Select your fruits carefully and eat them fresh– While fruits are good for nutrition, not all of them are effective for weight loss. To lose weight by eating fruits, you need to select those that contain a high amount of fiber and water. These fruits help in digestion and provide your body with low calorie. Apple and watermelon for example, contain high amount of fiber and water. You should buy foods in small quantities and consume them without storing them for days. When you buy fruits in bulk and keep them in refrigerator for weeks, some of them lose their nutrition value over days.

Keep an eye on nutrition intake while dieting– When you start a new diet for losing excess flab, it is imperative that you keep an eye open for nutritional intake. Everyone needs a certain amount of nutrients like protein, minerals and various vitamins irrespective of their body weight and waistline. It may so happen after starting new diet, your body is not getting its daily dose of a specific mineral or vitamin. That deficiency needs to be fulfilled. Vegetarians may lose out on protein while adhering to weight loss diet. They can either eat soy based products or take a quality protein supplement. Same can be said about obese individuals facing scarcity of any mineral or vitamin consumption owing to a new diet. However, you also need to be careful about taking supplements. It is recommended that you start taking any such supplement after consulting with a veteran diet expert or a physician.


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