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Role of Vegetables in Weight loss

There are many things obese people resort to for kicking off those obstinate layers of flab off their body. From crash diet to yoga various solutions for weight loss exist in modern world. However, not all the solutions work well with every fat individual. If you are obese and want a hassle free way to lose weight, it is better that you choose a method minus side effects. That is why a number of weight loss experts rely on natural methods. If you do not have the time to hit gym everyday or stick to a diet that requires inclusion of foods not easily available, it is time you try some commonplace vegetables for attaining a slim figure. Vegetables contain plenty of nutrients, fibers and anti oxidants. They are usually not high calorie food and hence help in fighting hunger pangs but limit your calorie intake at the same time.

Know the numerous advantages of using vegetables in your weight loss diet

Therefore, when you include vegetable sin your diet for losing weight you can be assured about getting your daily dose of nutrition. Compared to animal proteins, vegetable based protein gets absorbed in human body quickly and comes with less amounts of harmful fat. In fact, when you switch to a vegetable based diet for fighting obesity, you get various other health benefits. These include improving digestion, thwarting free radicals and improvement in healing mechanism. Vegetables naturally contain fiber and water which makes you feel filled and the chances of dehydration are also diminished.

Below discussed are some vegetables that can play a pivotal role in weight loss:-

Spinach- For some, the mention of Spinach conjures up the image of funny cartoon man Popeye! However, spinach is something you can definitely include in your diet for weight loss. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, thiamin, iron, potassium, copper and calcium among many others. It is also rich in fiber. You can eat it boiled and raw. Apart from controlling obesity, it helps your skin and overall health.

Broccoli- Brocolli is a tasty vegetable that has nearly 60 percent carbohydrates and the rest is protein. It does not contain fat as such. You also get plenty of minerals, vitamins and water in it. The benefit of eating broccoli is that its carbohydrates are digested by human intestine slowly. As a result, when you eat broccoli you do not feel hungry for quite some time. So, this helps in mitigating sudden pangs of hunger.

Cabbages and Brussels Sprouts- Both cabbage and Brussels sprouts are low calorie and high fiber vegetables. They can be cooked in a number of methods. You can use them with various salads and dishes with ease. Both the vegetables are rich in essential nutrients too.

Beans, Carrots and Collard Greens- Carrots and beans are replete with protein and dietary fiber and hence hey should be in your weight loss diet. You can eat them raw, as in salads or cook them in soups and numerous vegetable dishes. Carrots can be cooked with many other vegetables. Both beans and carrots are low in fat. Collard greens are nutritious and do not add up much calories.

Watercress– You can add watercress to many dishes to make it yummier. You can eat it with eggs and salads as well. Watercress has many healing properties for human body. Its nutrients are important for healthy bones and immune system. It is low fat and gets digested easily.

Alfalfa sprouts- If you are looking for easily available vegetables with low fat content, there is hardly anything that can beat alfalfa sprouts. You can add them to sandwiches for breakfast or lunch.  It is also possible to add them in vegetable soups for enhancing the taste.  They can also be grown in your backyard garden without much hassle. Alfalfa sprouts have anti inflammation properties and they also help control blood pressure levels.

Cucumbers- used widely in salads, Cucumbers also taste good when eaten otherwise. They contain good amount of water and play a pivotal role in improving skin texture and health. It is rich in fiber and contains very little amount of fat.

Zucchini – Known as a popular squash, Zucchini is eaten mostly in summer months but obese individuals looking for low calorie foods can eat it all over the year. It can be cooked with several other dishes. It is also fortified with a number of minerals and vitamins. Zucchini is also enriched with antioxidant properties which help your body in fighting free radicals. It tastes great even when you do not use much spice and sugar. You can also try zucchini muffins and Zucchini bread to control your calorie intake.

Mushrooms– While many people are aware of mushroom’s nutritional value, its weight loss capabilities are largely unknown to the mass. Mushrooms are defined as low-energy density foods. As opposed to high-energy-density animal meat like beef, consumption of mushroom can help in shedding off excess weight from your body, as new scientific studies indicate. They are also cheap and can be procured easily these days. However, you should not eat mushrooms raw and they need to washed and cooked properly. Studies have shown among mushroom variants, button mushrooms are helpful for burning calories. They also have a carbohydrate variant that aids in normalizing blood sugar levels.

Are Vegetables soups ideal for weight loss?

Eating vegetables is beneficial for losing weight but if you prefer a simpler method, taking vegetable soup may be the way. While the majority of people prefer vegetable soups in chilly days, they can be good appetizer and ideal for weight loss. You do not need to spend a lot for making vegetable soups. All you need is commonly used vegetables, salt and other spices. It tastes great, offer low calorie and fills your stomach. When you eat vegetable broth, your stomach gets the desired amount of food while the calorie intake is lower.

Take homemade and broth based vegetable soup instead of canned, creamy soups

While vegetable soups are generally low calorie, you need to know how the soup is made. It would be the best if you can make the vegetable broth or sup at home and eat it for a couple of days. However, when you eat soup outside, pay attention to its ingredients for avoiding consumption of excess calories and fat. For example, avoid vegetable soup with cream and topping. Avoid vegetable soups with sour cheese and cream. As it has often been observed, prepared and canned vegetable soups tend to contain more sodium and fat than homemade ones. If you have to buy canned vegetable sups, look for calorie value of the container or pouch.

You can also use vegetable soup before meals to curb appetite. By doing so, you will feel less hunger for dinner and lunch and end up eating less. However, the nutrition value of vegetables will still reach your body. Broth based soups should always be chosen over cream based ones, if weight loss is on your agenda. Canned vegetable soups often contain sodium in excess which can cause water retention and weight gain. It is aloes counterproductive for cardiovascular health. You should look for low sodium vegetable soups among canned varieties.


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