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Identify Foods and beverages that can pave way for obesity

In recent times, obesity has emerged as a global health hazard. Millions of women and men are getting overweight owing to factors like sedentary lifestyle, lack of workouts and excessive dependence of fatty foods. Everyone is so occupied with their career and professional life these days they have less time to think about health and nutrition. Despite knowing fast and junk foods do more harm than good, a lot of people replace their meals with these foods for saving time. However, it is important for you to know about some widely used fast foods that are responsible for taking obesity to a critical level.

Fast foods are rich in calories and tarns fat. Human body cannot burn up excess calorie derived from these foods and as a result fat deposit increases. Eating these foods on long term basis can also trigger nutrient deficiency in people and pave way for a number of serious ailments. Below listed are some of the commonplace fast food that can trigger obesity in adults and kids.

French Fries– While French fries taste yummy and are liked by several million people, they contain excessive amount of calorie and fat. In most instances, they are cooked in oil containing trans fat which are bad for health. A dish of French fry can contain over 400 calories.

Aerated soft drinks– Cola based soft drinks are a hit with teens and adults worldwide. However, these drinks with zingy taste contain lots of calories and compounds that are not good for human body. A child can get almost his entire daily calorie intake from a large soda bottle. Drinking lots of high fructose corn syrup can also be harmful for same reason.

Burgers– Burgers are quite popular as snacks among people. However, depending on the ingredients used, a burger can contain up to 1200 calories. If you like eating burger, prefer the variants without mayonnaise to keep check on calorie amount.

Flavored snacks– Gorging on popular snacks on a regular basis can lead to excess weight gain. The majority of these snacks foods by default are not fat or calorie rich. However, they are processed with sugar, syrup and artificial flavors before being packed and canned, which make them calorie rich. When you eat these calorie rich snacks, your body cannot burn all of it effectively, resulting in fat deposit under skin layer. You can eat popcorn at home but refrain from adding cheese and other calorie rich condiments to it.

Canned foods, fruits and vegetables– For a lot of people, procuring fresh farm produce can be an ordeal. That explains why they opt for canned fruits and vegetables available in malls and supermarkets. These produce are preserved and kept with syrups and sweeteners and that add to their calorie value. When you keep on eating processed fruits and vegetables for long term, excess weight gain becomes inevitable. It is always best to opt for organic produce to evade excess weight gain.

Alcohol– Drinking alcohol on regular basis can play a role in excess flab development. Almost all type of liquor consumption except wine results in fat deposit in human body. Besides, drinking alcohol can also lead to development of hunger pangs, causing people to overeat.

While discarding fast foods and calorie rich dishes is a good way to keep excess weight gain away, it is also important to adhere to a balanced diet to shed weight gained previously. There are a number of weight loss plans available but not all of these are safe and effective for obese people. However, obese individuals willing to shed weight minus side effects and complications can try out HCG based diets.

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