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How switching to Mediterranean diet can be effective in losing extra fat

Your efforts at losing excess weight can remain unfulfilled if you do not adopt an active lifestyle and healthy yet low fat diet. However, choosing the right diet for weight loss can be baffling for a number of obese individuals. Not all diets meant for weight loss can bring effective results to all obese individuals as it has often been seen. Particularly those weight loss diets that are meant for drastic weight loss can lead to development of side effects on obese people afflicted with specific health complications. Hence, if you want to shed extra body weight without running into any problem, it is imperative that you choose your diet carefully. Amidst the abundance of several such diets, you can give Mediterranean diet a try.

Mediterranean diet is not strictly meant for weight loss and its followers benefit from improvements in health and immunity. Natives of Mediterranean islands and nations adhere to this diet and that is one reason behind their long life and robust health. However, adhering to this diet consistently will help you in getting rid of those ugly fats in your body over time. It has been tried by thousands of people worldwide and they are happy with its numerous health benefits. Contrary to many typical weight loss diets, this diet does not do away with fat. Human body actually requires some amount of fat to stay in shape. The trick lies in consuming healthy fats and discarding unhealthy variants that lead to health complications. That is what you can achieve by adhering to this diet plan.

Basic foods used in Mediterranean diet

In this diet, essential nutrients exist in a balanced ratio, resulting in optimum absorption by body and least deposit of fat. Mediterranean diet has healthy fats and so there is no place for butter and high calorie dairy products in it. Instead you get canola oil and olive oil both of which are considered as healthy fats. You need to reduce red meat intake when you follow this diet. Instead, fish and lean meat types are given priority. Followers of this diet are required to eat low fat dairy products including cheese and yogurt. Generous quantities of vegetables, fruits and whole grains are used in meals. To make foods taste yummy, natural spices and herbs are used instead of table salt in this diet plan. Red wine in moderation is allowed in beverages.

The virgin olive oil used in this diet is rich with antioxidants and offer a number of health benefits. As a matter of fact, adhering to Mediterranean diet is akin to making some lifestyle changes. Traditional Mediterranean diets discard any type of process foods and healthy oils are employed.

Things you can eat in this diet

In this diet, there is no compulsion on you to stick to drab tasting low fat foods. On the contrary, you can excite your taste buds with some yummy dishes cooked with spices, herbs and healthy condiments. You are allowed to eat plenty of legumes and nut variants. Most of the fast food popular in western diets is not given an entry in Mediterranean diets. Honey is used in place of white sugar and red meat is mostly replaced with white meat.  You also need to drink plenty of water with the foods.

Health and weight loss benefits of Mediterranean diet

For weight loss without side effects, this diet does not have many contenders. It does not exclude any food group strictly but discards unhealthy high calorie foods. Apart from helping you in coping with excess body weight, Mediterranean diet drastically reduces possibilities of contracting some fatal ailments including cancer and some diabetes variants. Pregnant women adhering to this diet give birth to children with fewer health complications and stronger immune system. Diet experts are of the opinion that adhering to this diet not only helps you in discarding unwanted body fat but also helps you in long term weight management.

Ways to switch to Mediterranean diet for weight loss benefits without hiccups

If you are not well acquainted with this diet but want to try it for weight management, there is no reason to worry. You have various options to choose from. First of all, you can try out online resources and menus for learning Mediterranean recipes. Most of these are available free of cost and very soon you may become expert in cooking these dishes. The ingredients are neither costly not uncommon. You can also buy a cooking book if searching online for recipes is not your cup of tea.

Even when you adhere to this diet, choosing food wisely is important. This also depends on the person who wants to lose weight. For example, if you have an obese kid you may give him chicken over fish as all kids may not prefer fish. However, at any rate stick to the recommended ingredients for cooking. Introduce variety in your meals to make dishes interesting.

When you buy foods for making dishes according to Mediterranean recipes, ensure you get fresh and organic produce instead of processed ones. Authentic dishes of these regions do not have any place for artificial and processed ingredients. Acquiring virgin love oil and canola oil is not much difficult and do not use oils with unhealthy fats for making the dishes.

The best part about adhering to this diet and lifestyle is that you do not need to workout ruinously or spend several hours in gym every day. When you are on this diet, a moderate walk or jogging for half an hour would be adequate to aid the digestion process.

Picking right seafood for Mediterranean diet

Seafood comprises a large part of this diet and hence it is advisable that you pick right kind of seafood while adhering to it for getting optimum health and weight loss benefits. You should preferably opt for seafood imbued with omega 3 fatty acids and low in calorie count.  For example, you should try to procure fresh Atlantic salmon. When you cannot get fresh salmon, even canned and smoked varieties would fit the purpose. Apart from this, you can also include seafood and fish like rainbow trout, oysters, crayfish, tuna, and halibut in your Mediterranean diet.

For health reasons, you should buy and eat fish that contain fewer amounts of pollutants. Sardines are a good choice in this context. They are also ideal for acquiring healthy omega 3 fatty acids. For using in boiled and grilled form in Mediterranean dishes, you can consider American shad and American shad. There are some seafood variants that are yummy but rich in cholesterol. You should avoid including them much in your Mediterranean diet meals. Examples include shrimp, squid, lobster and cuttlefish.


You need to keep in mind that like other methods for fighting obesity, Mediterranean diet is no overnight solution to make body fat dissolve! For benefiting from this diet, you should be careful even about the snacks you take. In fact, you can also look out for other effective weight loss methods for getting faster results apart from making dietary changes. A number of people have benefited after following HCG weight loss regimes. You can seek expert help on these weight loss plans as well.

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