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Healthy snacks to keep your weight within limits

A lot of people who suffer from the menace called obesity try numerous measures to get rid of it. From exercise to special diets, they leave almost no stone unturned to shed ugly layers of fat from their body. However, a number of weight loss aspirants do not succeed din fulfilling their objective because they cannot resist urges to gorge on snacks. Even when you are on a diet, it is quite normal to feel hunger pangs. The trick lies in eating foods that are low on fat and high in nutrition value. Obese individuals need to stay away from fatty and fried fast foods to attain a slim physique and choose healthy, low calorie snack variants.

Below listed are some easily available low calorie snacks they can try to satiate pangs of hunger.

Apples– Fruits can be good substitute for fat enriched fast food and snacks for dieters. You can eat Apples when you feel hungry in between meals. Apples contain a good amount of fiber and water with some vital nutrients. Adding a little peanut butter to Apple slices can make them taste really delicious. It is good if you can buy and eat organic apples.

Yogurts and smoothies– Replace snacks fortified with calorie and fat with low calorie yogurts. Yogurts comprising of skimmed milk are available these days. Try to get yogurts that do not contain artificial sweetening agents and flavors for the best results. You can also make fruit smoothies at home using yogurt and berries. Otherwise, sprinkle fruit slices on top of yogurt and satiate your food cravings without adding excess calories. You can also use low fat cheese variants to make tasty and low calorie sandwiches for gorging on during hunger pangs.

Oatmeals– While Oatmeal are usually preferred in breakfast by people on a weight loss mission, you can also use it as snack. It is better if you eat steel cut variant compared to the flavored ones. It is rich in fiber and thus prevents additional fat deposits in your body. You can also use oatmeal with various other fruits including fruit salads.

Grapes and berries– Keep a good amount of grapes and various berries in your refrigerator. When you feel hungry before or after taking meals, grab a bite from the bowl. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and can keep your stomach filler for some time. They are also low calorie so you would not have to worry about gaining eight. You can also mix these with desserts after dinner.

Nuts– Eating nuts as snacks can be good for you, if weight loss is what you want. However, it is helpful if you eat raw nuts instead of the salted and processed ones. You can try variants like Brazil nuts and peanuts. You can also mix them with fruits and eat the mix to beat hunger pangs without taking in excess amount of calories. Nuts also contain several essential nutrients and supply you with oodles of energy.

Popcorn– Popcorn can be an ideal snack for weight loss aspirants. They take a few seconds to be made ready using microwaves. However, you will have to resist the temptation to eat it without butter. It is fiber rich and contains little fat. Stay away from flavored versions for weight loss benefits, though. If you need a flavor, try adding low fat version of Parmesan cheese.

Crispbread– Made from rye, Crispbread is a suitable low fat snack weight loss aspirants will benefit from. You can make it taste great by adding toppings like vegetables and cottage cheese. It is enriched with fiber and whole grains.

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