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HCG weight loss products under scanner

For losing weight obese individuals go to almost any length these days but their efforts are not always fruitful. In their bid to lose excess flab, fat women and men resort to various measures. Some of them fare well while a number of people suffer from adverse effects of weight loss measures at times. This is not to say that as an obese person you should not try a weight loss measure. However, you need to be careful and do some research about the effectiveness of weight loss measures before trying them. This is particularly applicable for those who try several types of weight loss diets.

In a recent development, BBB or Better Business Bureau has issued warnings about the implications of weight loss drugs based on HCG Extreme which are sold in sprays, pellets as well as oral drops. As a matter of fact, HCG and HCG based products do not enjoy approval by FDA. Earlier, doctors resorted to HCG for treating infertility cases and not for treating obesity.

However, manufacturers of HCG products say that these dietary supplements help in fine tuning metabolisms in human body and aid in changing unusual eating patterns over time. They go on to claim that HCG weight loss products help an individual to shed up to 30 pounds in a little more than a month, which sounds impressive. Elizabeth Miller, a FDA certified pharmacist, is a tad skeptical about the effects of HCG based products. According to her, a majority of these weight loss products have unsuitable amounts of calorie.

In what may come as a morbid development to the companies selling and manufacturing HCG based drugs, FDA and Federal Trade Commission shot off some letters last year. These brands were warned by the two watchdogs that their medicines for weight loss do not meet the standards set by the federal entities. A FDA official said on this issue that selling HCG based products as typical OTC drug is outside the ambit of Federal law. He went on to say that if these companies do not pay heed to the notices issued by the FTC and FDA in near future, consequences may not be good. They may get subjected to criminal prosecution.

HCG Extreme has been rated F by BBB. It has as many as 53 complaints against this product. HCG Extreme has got such a low rating owing to delay in action on a patient, advertising issues, inadequate information and failure to react to customer grievances etc. BBB also has issues with the way HCG manufacturers advertise their products and services on leading social networking sites. This has prompted BBB to warn obese individual seeking weight loss solutions.

As per the BBB guidelines, obese individuals should purchase HCG or any other kind of weight loss supplements with attention to some aspects. The customers seeking reliable and effective weight loss products need to do their research well rather than relying on marketing jargons used by companies selling these products. It is important to see what components are used in these products and this holds true for the natural and herbal supplements too! Customers should also try to find out about possibilities of side effects caused by weight loss supplements including HCG products. Products that can lead serious side effects should not be tried. It is important to test how realistic are the claims made by companies that sell HCG weight loss drugs. Not all HCG weight loss products offer money refund assurance. You should opt for packages that are sold with a money back provision. You can check the HCG True diet in this context and see how it differs from conventional weight loss programs.

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