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HCG Diet: Foods to eat when you are following this weight loss program

Obese people try out myriad measures to get rid of unwanted excess fat from their body. While some weight loss erasures yield effective results, they are not suited for each and every overweight person. Some obese people cannot attempt regular weight loss measures owing to ailments and physical complications. AS hectic lifestyle and work pressure can also make it difficult for some people to hit gym regularly. That is why weight loss diets and plans have become popular with obese lots in recent times.

While there are plenty of weight loss plans and diet available, HCG based weight loss plans have become quite popular among overweight population. This is a hormone based weight loss program which can be tried on both female and male obese persons. However, to gain from HCG based weight loss programs it is recommended that you choose your foods wisely. You can consult with a diet expert to get a food chart prepared for your HCG weight loss regime. During this weight loss regime, candidates are given a diet that limits calorie absorption to 500 calories per day.

You can have tea and coffee while you are on this weight loss plan. However, it is recommended that you should not drink either in excess and sugar usage is prohibited. If needed, you can use sweeteners that do not contain calorie value. It is possible to add herbs to tea.

When you are adhering to a HCG diet, it is important you do not skip protein intake. For animal protein, you can eat lean ground beef, round steak, turkey and chicken breast.  However, it is better not to take over 100 grams of meat per meals.  The meat should be boiled or grilled without using fat. You can also have eggs boiled or in poached form. Shrimp, crab and seafood varieties can also be added to your meals. To add flavor and taste to foods, spices and herbs like ginger, chilly and garlic can be added.

To benefit from HCG based diet, it is necessary to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your meals and breakfast. Apples and grapes fit the bill for people on HCG diets and strawberries can also be eaten in moderation. It is best if you eat fruits that contain less calorie and high amount of water and natural fiber. In fact, you can use fruits slices for making low calorie yet nutritious desserts at home during this regime.

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