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Foods that help you to lose excess flab sans adverse effects

Obesity is a widespread health problem that can happen owing to various reasons. However, there is no one stop solution or miracle cure for treating obesity. Not every obese individual can benefit from a single weight loss method as statistics and researches have shown. However, health experts usually recommend moderate exercise with healthy foods for losing weight in a gradual and effective manner. There are various weight loss diets as well for overweight individuals. However, if you are weary of trying such specialized diets and cannot find enough time for hitting gym either, you can try eating some effective foods for balancing body weight. Eating these foods may not cause any overnight change in your weight but by consuming them regularly in your meals you will feel an increase in energy level and gradual reduction in body mass.

These healthy weight loss foods are available almost everywhere and they can be cooked and eaten without much hassle. These foods are rich with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants and so you can get effective protection from free radicals and your dose of nutrients by eating them.

Oatmeal- This is what diet experts recommend to be included in breakfast for weight loss. Oats contain a generous amount of fiber and can keep you full for long time after you have taken meals. They also provider your body with oodles of energy and therefore you will benefit if you eat oatmeal just an hour before going to gym or doing workouts at home. Health experts recommend that obese individuals should opt for steel cut oats.

Keep in mind that flavored oatmeal packs that you find aplenty in supermarkets may taste great but they are less nutritious. They contain more sugar and will provide you with excess calorie which will not be good for your weight loss mission. Oatmeal also offers various other health benefits than weight loss. Studies have proved that oats help people in having normal blood sugar levels and effectively lower cholesterol level.  You can add some fruits in your oatmeal based breakfast to make it state great and shed excess weight.

Apple– You possibly heard the old proverb about the health benefit offered by Apples. However, Apple not only helps in improving overall health but it is also suited for individuals looking for ways to shed excess weight. Apples contain pectin and this compound prevents accumulation of excess fat in human body. You can have apples in breakfast and it is also okay to have this fruit after meal. It would be better to have an apple when you feel those occasional hunger pangs compared to snacks and myriad of fast foods out there! If you are really careful about health then you can consider buying organic apples instead of the common breeds.

Cauliflower- This is one of the lesser known vegetables that can help you in weight loss. Since it is non starchy by nature, you can eat cauliflowers a lot without bothering about fat deposit.  It contains nutrients like vitamin C and folate. You can also try vegetable like spinach and broccoli which contain nutrients and very low amount of calorie.

Low-fat Yogurt- Contrary to what a majority of people believe, dairy products can help you in staying slim and shedding excess fat. However, you need to buy and eat right kind of dairy products like low fat yogurt and cottage cheese. Recent medical studies have shown that people on a weight loss diet obtain benefit from including low fat dairy products like yogurt in their meals. Yogurt also provides your body with a considerable amount of vital nutrients. However, it would be best if you can resist the temptation of savoring flavored yogurts as they contain sweeteners and artificial flavors.

Grapefruit- There has been some debate on the weight loss benefits of grapefruit diet. However, you can definitely include grapefruits in breakfast and even make fruit salad with them. You can also eat them before meal so that you feel less hungry and end up eating a little less than otherwise. Grapefruit is low calorie and has proven cancer fighting properties.

Various types of nuts– As a matter of fact, almost all raw nuts are good for your health and they help you in shedding body fat fast. You can try nutritious Brazil nuts, for example. They contain selenium which helps your body in keeping a high metabolism. This in turn helps in burning fat effectively. The benefit of eating nuts is that they contain fiber which aids digestion and help in beating hunger pangs. However, for slimming benefits you should ensure that you consume organic and raw nuts and not the salted and flavored varieties sold in stores. Peanuts can be very filling and you can gorge on them instead of snacks to keep excess weight at bay.

Pumpkin– The mention of pumpkin may conjure up images of Halloween and Thanksgiving for a lot of people. However, its weight loss benefits may not be known to many. It is rich in fiber and you can make various dishes with it. Pumpkin also tastes great when cooked in combination with a variety of spices and other vegetables.

Fish– Some species of fish are very nutritious and their consumption will provide your body with numerous health benefits apart from weight loss. You can include sea fish in your diet for acquiring healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. To obtain maximum health and weight loss benefit from fish, you should bake, sauté or grill it rather than deep frying.  You can also add spices like garlic, ginger, pepper and green chili to add taste to cooked fish dishes without compromising on nutrition value.

Sardines are tasty and you can include this fish in your weight loss diet without thinking much. They offer you lots of protein which helps in enhancing metabolism in your body and burning fat. They can be found almost everywhere and do not cost much. Another advantage of eating sardines is that they do not contain excessive amount of contaminants including mercury, which can be the case with some other sea fish species. You can also eat seafish like tuna, mackerel and salmon to enhance body metabolism and burn fat effectively. Wild salmon may cost you more but it contains more protein than the farm raised variety.

Soy based foods– You can try eating various soy based food including cheese to get nutrients and shed extra weight. Soybeans contain antioxidants, protein, and fiber in generous amounts. It is ideal for vegetarian who want to lose weight without depriving them of required nutrition.

Berries– While a lot of fruits are good for nutrition and weight loss, the berries top the list! They are rich in fiber and low in calorie. They also offer you antioxidant benefits. You can have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with breakfasts and salads. You can also eat them during hunger pangs.

Spices and herbs– Some of the commonplaces herbs and spices used in kitchen may actually help you in losing weight. To increase your body’s inherent fat burning metabolism add spices and herbs like garlic, ginger, and mustard to the foods cooked for meals. These spices can also help your body in toxin elimination, thus preventing excess fat buildup.

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