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Fish based diet to lose weight effectively

There are no shortage of methods for losing weight and obese lot try out every available option to shed those ugly pounds from their body. However, a lot of people who are overweight cannot go to gym or try out certain weight loss diets. In some cases, their physical conditions prevent them from trying out a number of weight loss options. A majority of weight loss methods involve a change in diet. There are various specialized diets which are meant for obese people. The list includes fruit based diet, liquid diet, vegetable based diet etc. However, you need to remember that when you switch to a new diet for weight loss, not taking required nutrients is not desired. In your quest to lose weight you may adopt a new diet but if that results in your body not getting its required nutrients, it’s not worth following. The weight loss diet should be adequate for meeting your body’s nutritional requirements.

This is a reason fish is popular among diet experts. Fish is usually low in fat and rich in protein which makes it suitable for people on a diet. You can definitely try a fish based diet for weight loss but it is important to know what kind of fish you should eat and in which form to get nutrition and shake off excess weight.

Eat a variety of fish– When you switch to a diet comprising mostly of fish products, variety in dish will be an advantage. From a practical note, you will not like eating the same fish everyday! Besides, various fish species offer nutrients in different quantities, so you should not stick to only one.  There is no denying that buying and cooking fresh fish from regional market will be good for your health and weight. However, for all obese individuals that may not be possible, at least always. When you cannot get fresh fish, opt for canned fish. When you cook fish, remember that baking and grilling will destroy fewer nutrients than deep frying or making a dish with a lot of spices.

Pregnant women ideally shoddily not try fish based diet because some fish species contain mercury, which can be bad for the fetus. It is also important that you do not eat a lot of carp or catfish. This is because such fish species are known for eating everything and often consume pollutants too.

Whole fish diet will supply you with lots of nutrients you still need to eat some other foods to get your doses of healthy fat and certain vitamins. While following a fish based diet, have fish dishes in both lunch and dinner but in breakfast try taking vegetables and salads. This way you will not get bored of eating too many fish based dishes.

Smoked salmon is good for weight and health management– If you are unsure about which kind of food will be good for losing weight and getting nutrients, try salmon. This fish contains a plethora of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and vitamin E. It tastes great and has rich and moist texture. The nice thing is that you can have more salmon than chicken and still get fewer calories. Its omega-3 fatty acids are needed for optimum health and smoked salmon is less toxic than other sea fish like swordfish. There are some smoked salmon variants that do not contain any carbohydrates and others contain little amount of it.

Tuna is good for losing weight– Tuna fish is ideal for obese lots who want a source of animal protein minus unnecessary fat. It contains very little amount of carbohydrates. It is also low in calorie and so you can gorge on it without fearing about calorie overdose. However, as per FDA guidelines an adult should not eat over 6 ounces of tuna a week. You can eat either light or solid white tuna.  You can add several condiments to tuna dishes like mustard, mayonnaise etc.

Things to remember while adhering to a fish based diet for weight loss-While switching from a regular diet to a fish based diet will be good for weight loss and health overall, you need to keep some aspects in mind. While eating tuna is good, refrain from having tuna sandwich. Of course, it is tasty but it contains ingredients that are high in calorie. A lot of people always deep fry any fish and then dip it in tartar sauce. This is something should avoid if you are on a mission to lose weight. You can surely have some amount of fried fish while dieting, but the majority of fish delicacies that you eat should be either baked or grilled. In fact, canned fish consumption is better than gorging on lots of deep fried fish. However, when you buy canned fish, do not forget to check how fresh it is. Look for the expiry and packaging date.

Resort to fish oil pills– Apart from eating fish delicacies for losing weight, an obese individual can also try popping fish oil pills. Fish oil supplements can also do your health good since they contain omega 3 fatty acids. However, you should talk with your doctor regarding the permissible amount of fish oil supplement you can take per day for battling obesity. Taking fish oil pills or supplements in excess can be counterproductive for your health. If you are unsure about which type of fish oil would be good for shedding excess weight and maintaining health, resort to the resources provided by the American Heart Associations. It suggests consumption of fish oil obtained from fish breeds like tuna, sardines, trout, mackerel and salmon for weight loss seekers. Good quality fish oil helps in lowering of insulin levels in human body, thereby allowing more amounts of fat to be burnt up. However, it would not be prudent for you to start using nay over the counter fish oil pills. Buy fish oil products from a reputed brand and consult your dietician for references on this regard.

To get maximum benefits from fish oil supplements and pill, you can do moderate hands free exercise.  A study carried out by University of South Australia has shown a combination of exercise and consumption of fish oil pills reduces body weight faster than conventional methods. It also reduces possibilities of a number of cardiac and blood related ailments in people.

Sardines are good for losing weight safely– Touted as one of the super foods that obese individuals will benefit from, sardines should be a part of your fish based weight loss diet. Not only they help you to shed excess flab but also lower cholesterol levels and improve cardiac health over time. This small sea fish is neither expensive nor difficult to acquire. It can be found fresh or canned. They are replete with essential nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin D, proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Owing to its high protein content, you will feel full for quite some time after meal. This will translate into reduced hunger pangs and lesser chances of gorging on junk food and snacks.  Therefore, by including sardines in your diet you get essential nutrients bit less calorie and fat per day. Sardines are usually devoid of contaminants like mercury which is found in some seafood.

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