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Effective tips to shed excess weight post pregnancy and childbirth

People gain excess weight owing to a number of reasons and some of these can be almost unavoidable. It is natural for women to gain weight during and after pregnancy. However, some women succeed in shedding the excess weight after childbirth without much effort while some others find it difficult to return to shape. In most instances, women return to their former shape after a few months of childbirth. However, those women who tend to gain weight easily and find it hard to shed excess flab should resort to some effective weight loss measures. Women who gain weight before or during pregnancy are usually the ones who face more hardship in losing excess flab after giving birth to infants.

However, women who want to lose excess weight gained during or after pregnancy should be cautious about it. They should not take any drastic weight loss measure to get rid of ugly body fat. This is because during pregnancy the human body undergoes numerous hormonal and physiological changes. A woman should allow her body to become equipped to cope with weight loss measures after childbirth.  Everyone has a different metabolism and hence some women may find the natural weight loss process after childbirth is taking slightly longer than others. There is nothing to be alarmed in such scenarios and mothers should be patient when it comes to shedding weight after childbirth.

Say no to drastic diets– Mothers who want to lose pregnancy period weight after giving birth to a child should refrain from any crash diet. In fact, they should not resort to any diet that misses out on vital nutrients required by female body. Their body will need vital nutrients post childbirth and their lack may result in ailments and health complications. After first couple of months post childbirth, women should eat meals rich in carbohydrates. Despite their deepest desires to shed weight, women should take meals that supply at least 1800 calories per day, think nutrition experts.

Eat nutritious, low calorie foods– The key to weight loss after childbirth is eating foods that are rich in nutrients but low in calorie count. Women can eat various kinds of fish that are imbued with Omega 3 Fatty acid. This is good for their skin and immune system. Fish like tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel can be eaten. These fish are rich in protein and contain low fat content. It is best to have fish in baked and grilled form rather than deep fried. It can be included both in meals and breakfasts.

To get their daily dose of calcium, women need to take plenty of milk and dairy products post motherhood. However, they should drink skimmed milk and eat low fat cheese and yogurt if weight loss is in their mind. They should ideally avoid animal protein sources that come with unhealthy fats. Therefore, it is recommended that they combine both animal and vegetable protein sources in their meals.

Breastfeeding can help in weight loss– Even though there is debate on the issue, a majority of doctors recommend breastfeeding to women. This is an activity that helps in calorie burning for sure. On an average, a woman can burn up to 750 calories while breastfeeding her child. Needless to say, it is beneficial for the health of their babies.

Eat fruits instead of fruit juices– Mothers who are keen on shedding weight gained during and after conceiving should eat fresh fruits instead of packaged fruit juices as far as possible. Fruit juices can contain sweeteners, artificial colors and calories more than natural fruits. Therefore, on an average eating fresh fruits will provide them with better nutrition and fewer calories. Fruits only contain natural sugar which is not harmful. It is best if they can eat organic fruits. Canned fruits can contain sweeteners and preservatives and eating them may result in consuming excess calories.

Stop skipping meals to shed excess flab post motherhood– AS lot of women have a misconception that skipping meals occasionally will help them in losing extra weight after attaining motherhood. However, this can actually be counterproductive for their health as well as weight loss aspiration. Especially mothers, who provide breastfeeding to their babies, should not skip breakfast or any meal. When women skip meals after childbirth the body takes it as a signal to conserve calories. This can be detrimental for their weight loss plans.

Eat healthy snacks– Like other people, women may feel occasional hunger pangs after childbirth. It is fine to eat snacks in between meals but they need to be watchful about what they eat. It would be prudent to take low calorie but delicious foods to beat the hunger cravings. They can eat oatmeal, pop corns without fatty cheese and various types of fruits as snacks. Fruits like Apples and berries can be ideal for them. For adding flavors to sandwiches, they can add chilly, black pepper and lemon instead of fat and calorie rich sauces and mayonnaise.

Drink adequate amount of fluid– Women would benefit from drinking adequate water and fluids if they want to lose weight after childbirth. Female body needs a steady intake of water and fluids to stay hydrated during this period. Breastfeeding is another factor behind this. Besides, drinking plenty of water will help them in avoiding overeating during meals.

Moderate exercise with focus on health– exercise is among the most recommended measures to lose weight and that holds true for obese women who have experienced motherhood, too. However, after childbirth, overweight women need to be cautious about doing exercise. They should exercise under medical supervision and advice. It depends on individual health, metabolism and fitness levels as well. There are several instances of celebrity mothers shedding excess body weight after motherhood by doing moderate to intense exercises. However, just because a woman has succeeded in shedding weight through hard exercise post motherhood, it may not suitable for each and every woman. Some women benefit from jogging, cycling and brisk walk while others resort to light cardio exercises and intensive exercises to shed excess fat post childbirth. In any circumstances, a woman should not begin exercising in this condition without seeking medical guidance. In the internet, you can find some useful resources on exercise modules for women who have entered motherhood.

Adequate sleep– To be able to shed excess weight after giving both to their babies, mothers need to get required amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to tiredness and women tend to take less care of their food and body. They may not feel like exercising or leading active life, which may make fat reduction a cumbersome task.

Tried and tested weight loss plan- For some women, losing weight after childbirth can turn out to be a mammoth task. Owing to their professional demands and personal compulsions, they may not be able to adhere to healthy diets and time for exercise can be scarce. However, they need not give up hope. There are some proven weight loss regimes available for obese people who cannot resort to conventional weight loss measures. One such example is HCG True diet. This innovative and carefully planned weight loss program can be tried by women from various age groups along with men.

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