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Eat the right kind of foods to gain from HCG weight loss programs

People resort to a myriad of methods to get rid of excess body weight these days. The obese lot try yoga, exercise, special diets and a combination of all these to get a slender body. However, not all weight loss measures can be effective for overweight men or women. In recent years HCG based weight loss products and supplements have gained popularity. This is a hormone based weight loss measure that can be used to treat obesity in adult male and female candidates.

However, you need to follow the right kind of diet to benefit the most from HCG based weight loss programs. While HCG weight loss measures are quite effective, they work the best when a candidate eats right kind of foods. Ideally, obese people who are adhering to a HCG weight loss program need to combine vegetable, lean protein, fruit in their meals for some weeks. The dishes should be made by boiling, steaming or grilling instead of deep frying. It is okay to add some zing to the food with apple cedar vinegar, salt, lemon juice, pepper and green chili.

During the tenure of a HCG based weight loss program, you need to eat protein enriched food like chicken and lean beef. You will also benefit from including seafood in your meals. For example, you can eat crab, lobster and shrimp. Eating eggs is also beneficial for followers of this weight loss method. Vegetarians can eat diary and soymilk based products for protein.

When you are following a HCG based weight loss regime, it is necessary to eat plenty of dark green vegetables for getting your quota of vital nutrients. You can have lettuce, celery, tomato, spinach, cucumber, cabbage etc. Apart from these you can also have veg dishes made of mushroom, alfalfa sprouts and green beans. During this regime, you should have citrus fruits along with different kind of berries. It is better to have fresh juicy fruits instead of dried ones. Canned foods should be avoided to.

Even when you are on a weight loss regime, your body will require plenty of fluid intakes. It is ideal to drink around 2 liters of water every day. You can also drink green tea and other caffeine free beverages. There are various HCG diet products in markets and you should choose one carefully. You can read about HCG True diet to get better information on this context.

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