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Deficiency of Foods that can cause hair problems

Losing hair is a part of ageing that happens to all woman and man as they step into old age. However, for some of them hair loss becomes a problem. Every day, a grown up man or woman can lose some amounts of hair but when this keeps on growing and lesser new hair is grown, baldness sets in. This can be caused by a number of reasons. Hair loss is often caused by genetics. Some people also lose hair owing to exposure to radiation and certain forms of medication. In women, physical conditions like pregnancy and menopause can also lead to loss of hair. However, for a lot of grown up people, hair loss is caused and aggravated by their diet. Even though few people know and actually think about it, a lot of cases of baldness and hair loss are actually linked to their eating habits. Certain foods and diets can worsen your hair health and lead to baldness in long run. It is better for you to know about such foods and eating habits to resolve hair related problems.

Hair loss caused by Caffeine– There has been considerable amount of debate in medical community about the impact of caffeine on hair loss in men and women.  It is true that excess consumption of tea and coffee enhances level of stress, which can quicken hair loss cycle. While tea, coffee and chocolate contain caffeine, it is also found in a number of other food sources, though in varying amounts. It is also found in some cosmetic products. There are some conflicting claims on the positive fests of caffeine in hair growth.  However, there is lack of any strong scientific evidence that shows caffeine consumption is beneficial on hair. Therefore, you should refrain from consuming caffeine containing foods and drinks in excess as far as possible.

Hair loss triggered by sugary foods– You should not eat foods that are way too sweet or contain excess amounts of sugar if you suffer from hair loss. These foods can aggravate the condition. It can result in protein breakdown. This, in turn, speeds up cellular aging process, resulting in dry scalp and hair loss.

Hair loss caused by alcohol consumption– Alcohol consumption in excess is bad for your health and neither will it help you in maintaining healthy hair. Human body needs its dose of zinc to keep hair growing. When you drink excessive amounts of alcohol it interferes with zinc absorption by the body. This can trigger hair loss. However, if you drink alcohol within limits, that will not cause any problem.

Junk and fatty foods behind hair loss– When you gorge on junk and fatty foods on a daily basis you aggravate your chances of losing hair. Human hair is composed mostly of protein and it is derived from the foods you eat. When you replace healthy protein enriched foods with fatty and junk foods, your protein intake takes a nosedive. In long run, it may spell doom for your hair health.

Relying on animal protein heavily may cause hair problems– While animal meat is a good source of protein, it comes with some drawbacks too. Animal protein is often imbued with unhealthy fats and people who rely heavily on high protein diet may deprive their body of other essential nutrients that are needed for hair growth. You can mix sources of vegetable and animal proteins in your meal.

Excess salt consumption may trigger hair loss– It is true that iodine and sodium are required for hair growth and healthy immune system. However, over consuming these minerals can actually be counterproductive for your health and hair. Excess iodine consumption can interfere with thyroid’s functioning which can lead to hypothyroidism and hair loss. Excess salt consumption also affects your blood pressure negatively. Therefore, if you are in the habit of sprinkling the table salt on fried foods in restaurants, it is time you stop it.

Nutrient deficiency related hair loss– A lot of people are not particular about checking whether their meals offer them the daily dose of nutrients. As long as they take food in certain amount they feel it is good for their health. However, this is actually far from true. If your body is deprived of its daily dose of nutrients it can hamper with your health and hair growth adversely. A number of people suffering from hair loss resort to applying hair damage repair products but the root lie in their diet and choice of foods.

A number of people suffer from hair problems and hair loss owing to lack of vitamins in their diets. Vitamin A is required for healthy hair and its absence or overdose can lead to hair loss in individuals. Other nutrients that you need to have healthy hair are zinc, biotin and vitamin B12. If your diet is devoid of any of these nutrients, you may experience hair loss and it can happen at any age after adulthood. Zinc deficiency results in the scalp healthy getting affected. A lot of women and men suffering from dandruff problem do not take adequate amounts of zinc in their meals. At times, it may so happen that specific foods you eat can interrupt in zinc absorption in body, resulting in scalp damage.

When your diet does not include required amount of Vitamin B12, it can also trigger hair loss. Vitamin B12 aids in forming healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to body parts. This includes the scalp and hair cells.

A lot of people make the mistake of excluding vital nutrients like protein and iron when they are on a weight loss diet. Lack of protein and iron intake can lead to hair loss. If you cannot take adequate protein in your meals, consider taking protein supplements. Many vegetable sources also contain protein including soy based products. Same can be said about impact on iron deficiency on hair. When your body cannot absorb required iron, the hair and scalp suffers the most. Iron supplements can solve the problem. Some ailments like bulimia and Anorexia nervosa can cause the body to discard certain nutrients leading to healthy and hair growth problems.

Silica is another component which is required for healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, foods used in western diet contain little amount of silica. Vegetables like asparagus, onion, lettuce, leek and cabbage contain silica. However, your body can get its dosage of silica when you eat vegetables harvested in organic farms. You can also try eating silica rich foods raw, as in salads, to give your hair the benefits.

While certain kinds of foods are required for hair growth and health not all individuals may benefit from them. There are some fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients for healthy scalp and hair some people may be allergic to. This can also happen with some sources of animal proteins. In such situations, an individual can resort to supplements to fulfill particular nutrient deficiency. This needs to be done after consulting with a doctor. You should eat foods containing nutrients needed for healthy hair in unprocessed form to obtain maximum benefits. Processed and overcooked foods are low in nutrients and they cannot give you optimum benefit for hair health.

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