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Weight loss cure of Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss cure is one of the most effective and proven methods to lose body fat in a considerable amount of time.  This book will guide you through to all the stages that you help you successfully lose weight. Kevin Trudeau’s book goes hand in hand with Simeon’s HCG True Diet Program.

Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss cure is not only dependant on Dr. Simeon’s protocol but Kevin Trudeau has also added some of this own methods before you can actually start the diet. In April 2007, Trudeau released the The Weight Loss Cure. This book widely discusses a weight loss plan that had originally made by Dr. ATW Simeons in the 1950s involving the human chorionic gonadotropin.

Trudeau is of the view that pharmaceutical companies are only concerned about their own profit and care little about the personal health of patients. He believes that the desire to make profits dominates the desire to help an assist people truly. Trudeau says that all the medical advisements should be made to physicians and doctors and not to the general public.

Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss cure does not consist of his theories and he himself does not claim himself to be a medical professional. His is book is dedicated to years of experience of doctors like Dr. ATW Simeons. The HCG True Diet Program has yielded positive results to individuals for over 50 years now.

A British medical doctor had around 50 years ago developed a weight loss regime that helped millions of individuals to magically shed off their weight in no time. It was an inexpensive and safe medical treatment that gave permanent weight loss results to millions of individuals. It resulted in an ultimate reshaping of the hips, thighs, buttocks and waists as if someone had undergone a complete liposuction. This and the entire procedure find a mention in Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss cure.

Trudeau applies the theory of 500 calorie diet of Dr. Simeon in his book weight loss cure. The HCG True Diet is divided into four phase and in the second phase one is asked to go on a 500 calorie diet which might sound absolutely impossible in the beginning. But this is really effective. One also does not feel tired or fatigues when he intakes such a low calorie diet since the HCG extracts all the essential nutrients from the body of the individual and thus helps him retain his energy level.

Since this book has a major part of it dedicated to the HCG True Diet, you need to understand Dr. Simeon’s protocol very well before you begin to follow the instructions on this book. The only difference that lie is the amount of hCG to take (KT recommends 175 – 200 iu’s daily injections), cleanses, colonics, teas, supplements and such.

There have been millions of people who are extremely satisfied with the instructions in the book and they have got the desired results that they have so long been longing for.


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