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HCG Diet Phase

The HCG Diet Plan is one of the most successful and proven methods to help you lose your weight and at the time sustain you energy level and body nutrients. HCG is known to contract the fatty deposits and release them into your blood that you even help you feel energetic and fine.

When one is undergoing this diet plan, he has to go through four phases:-

Phase 1:- this phase lasts for three days and is known as the loading phase. No restriction is imposed on the person undertaking this program during this phase. He is allowed to intake whatever he wishes to and it is not considered a problem even if he overloads himself.

This phase reserves these intakes to be used for further stages. Weighing yourself right from the beginning to throughout the program is a must since if you gain weight then that will be considered to be your beginning weight.

Phase 2:- this phase starts right after the three days of phase 1. This phase requires a strong will since it is during this period that one is allowed to eat only 500 calories a day. These 500 calories are divided into two meals of 250 each. These are for lunch and dinner and breakfast consists of liquid diet only.

Some factors that should be kept in mind while following this phase are:-

  • It is mandatory to ensure that your breakfast consists of non caloric fluids. Sugar and any kind of sweeteners are strictly prohibited and skimmed milk is allowed only a tablespoon throughout the entire day.
  • Lunch and dinner must be 250 calories each and contain 100 grams of some kind of protein food.
  • Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Maintain a record of the foods you eat in a food journal.
  • Weigh and measure all foods in a measuring device.
  • Measure vegetables and fruits raw.
  • Learn to feel fine also by eating smaller sizes.
  • Drink plenty of water(minimum 2 liters, 11 glasses)
  • Record your exercise.
  • Don’t consume anything and everything. Before eating anything check its caloric content. You can get this information from NutritionData.com, CalorieKing.com, TheCalorieCounter.com or TheTrueDiet.net and also from package labels.

Phase 3:- this is the phase of transition. Phase 2 continues for 40 days and thus so long your body has been experiencing HCG. It is therefore natural that your body might not respond that spontaneously and HCG becomes less effective. Hence during this period HCG can be discontinued for a while. After two weeks of discontinuing HCG, more starch and carbs can be introduced in your diet.

But, during this period you must continue to weigh yourself daily and if you again start putting on a couple of pounds, you must immediately control our diet. But it must also be taken into account that as soon as you check your calorie intake, you must make sure that the next meal is rich in protein.

Phase 4:- this is considered as the phase for making permanent lifestyle changes. There can be two type of results. Either you may get success by conducting the entire process and get the body shape that you have been desiring for so long. If so, then it is time to make these changes permanent and a part of the everyday routine of your life.

Or, you might not be able to achieve desired results and require losing even some more pounds. If so, then you can start with another course of the program. This program can be undertaken repeatedly and several times as long as you don’t lose all those extra pounds you want to.

On average, the HCG diet program is known to help one reduce around 20 pounds. And if one desires to lose 40 pounds, then he will have to undertake this program twice. Generally one gets desired results within 2 courses but results vary from person to person.

The HCG diet plan therefore comprises of four valuable phases that form the core of this plan and each phase is equally significant. Even if one phase is not taken seriously, then all your efforts will be jeopardized and you will not be able to reach your most longed body shape and structure.

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