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HCG Diet Information

HCG diet plan is a safe weight loss program that helps one reduce as much as 20 pounds during the entire course of the program. This is one such weight loss program that really works. The HCG Diet Plan is a recognized method known to improve an actual overweight or obese state. The HCG will help you not only change your appearance but also improve your fitness and health.

Often due to excessive weight loss, one can experience fatigue setting in and there is a feeling of loss of your energy level. But, HCG does not let this happen. This weight loss program keeps on supplying the required energy calories to your body and thus there is no sign of fatigue. Moreover, since there are lots of nutrients released in the blood during this time, there is less appetite with bearable hunger pains.

The HCG diet program also does not consume much of your time as you do not spend time exercising or following other strict fitness regimes. And, when you are awarded with a successful result, it automatically gives a boost to your motivation.

HCG works primarily on your abnormal fats and fatty acids and does not have an effect on your normal or structural fat. This diet program therefore is recommended to people who are keen on losing 15-90 pounds or more. This diet is not meant for people wishing to lose only a few pounds or possessing very little abnormal fats.

While undergoing this program, one learns about the calorie content of foods. You also learn to record your daily food intake and maintain a track of the exercises you do in a journal.

The HCG Plan consists of four phases which if followed properly will surely work for you. In fact the entire diet plan revolves around these four phases. You can get a positive response to whether HCG works only if you take these phases seriously and follow them with strong sincerity.

Weight loss is a serious concern in today’s world and demands an immediate attention. One can ignore everything but his health as health is considered to be wealth. Without a healthy body you cannot enjoy life. Being overweight does not only hamper your physical appearance but also impose an adverse effect on your confidence level.

HCG is a natural hormone that changes your body’s metabolism and draws away the extra fats from your abnormal fat reserves.  The body then burns these calories and you tend to lose your weight rapidly. After a certain point of time it might be possible that your body stops responding to HCG and your weight loss rate slows down a little. You must then put a break to HCG for some time. This is because a prolonged use of HCG in the body makes it less effective after a certain period of time.

While on the HCG diet, care must be taken to ensure that not more than 500 calories are consumed in a day and no excess fat or calorie goes into your diet. You must watch what you eat and strictly avoid sugar or kind of sweetener in your tea or coffee. Only 1 tablespoon of milk can be taken. It is also necessary to weigh yourself time and again so that you are actually able to realize how much effect HCG is having on your weight.

If these simple steps along with few others are followed sincerely and you are really that passionate to lose weight, then nothing can stop you from shedding off those extra pounds. It has been proven several times that HCG works and with great efficiency. All that is needed is your dedication and readiness to maintain a disciplined lifestyle and bring about permanent changes in your living habits.

Created by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s, HCG after going through several criticisms and appreciations, have today evolved as a successful and widely recognized weight loss program. There are millions of people who have achieved successful results by undergoing this diet program and you too can if you really want to!!!! The best of the therapies, medicines and tonics will fail to show their effect if the person using them does not desire and the passion to achieve the results.

Therefore, a strong will and focus are all that will help you go miles and way ahead of others in not only losing extra weight but staying fit and healthy as well.

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